The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 15

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2 Comments to “The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 15

  1. I’ve only been thinking about what these last 2 episodes will unveil and what direction this show is gonna take for the last couple days, i’m sooo excited for the subs

  2. pheww… tbh, somewhere at the middle – i already thought, what could be a thing that Yo Han have forbidden to the guy from church to tell anyone? what was it or who, what made him be soo strict+what was so holy to Yo han?…

    (and i already thought of (EXACT that person) <--- lol i wont make spoilers now, haha!!!!! (coz that person....pheww..we never have seen from beginning to end, where that person really was been - bfore all that fire happend!!) but - also - i never ever once thought that Yo Han would have done this fire and all about.. (funny fact - but , that was the only thing for me clear like the amen in a church) and then... right after...after i thought for a moment of THAT person, i was like: nah... - i thought ---- nah.. its waaay tooo far fetched!!! (and here it tells me no, its not. omg. this drama is so awesome.) 🙂 ohmy + wow, all this makes soooo much more sense to me (Yo Hans whole life after that what happend... + behaving+ thinking + actions etc) poor "that person",... i really really hope "that person" wont get told from that biatch about what happend in church 🙁 and i hope, that Ga On - even if he planned that moment that he want to die ... lol.. i hope at least before he do so - he will FIRST get Yo Han out of it again, bcos thats at least what he should do after all.. (and i hope he will show his professor as well what it means to betray him for so long time) isnt it so so bad that the closest ppl around you are the worst? these you trust most? grrrr..

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