Goodbye Earth (2024)

Goodbye Earth (2024)


Other name: 종말의 바보 / 末日愚者 / 終末のフール / Jongmalui Babo / The Fool of the End / The Fool at the End of the World / Adiós, Tierra / Прощай, Земля

Synopsis: An asteroid is set to collide with Earth in 200 days, causing chaos and confusion worldwide. Jin Se Kyung, a middle school teacher in Woongchun City, decides to leave her job and volunteer at a child and youth division in the city hall to help save children in danger. Her long-term boyfriend, researcher Ha Yoon Sang, returns from the United States to be with her. Meanwhile, assistant priest Woo Sung Jae takes over caring for the parishioners at a Catholic Church after the presiding priest disappears. Kang In A, commander of a combat support battalion, works to provide supplies, transportation, and security in the ruined city. This is based on the novel “Shumatsu no Furu” by Kotaro Isaka and is rated 15+ for mature teens. Cinematography by Son Won Ho. The series consists of 12 episodes.


Status: Completed

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