The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 16

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3 Comments to “The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 16

  1. gosh, lmao
    i so laughed… i truly thought:

    Entertain a Clown…
    and you become a part of the circus!!!
    LOL ??
    —> (minue 13:40.. when she came + stepped in into THE ARENA, …………..and her “little CIRCUS” applaused…) ??

    hmm, i guess i did not except even any other ending …
    and that final EP was kinda the only EP what made me feel a lil bit “bored” to watch..jk.. haha (bcos it was so clear to me..)
    but hey ho!!! …it was just so good!!! ?

    i mean.. we knew this lil fact, …from the very beginning right?
    that he is a highly intelligent person (Yo Han) and he really had a looooot of time, to think of every little detail and plan it.. – so i had no doubt until end.. and im glad i was right and nothing changed suddenly later..)
    *just saying..hehe..*???
    the only thing what surprised me a bit, was that our crazy lil psycho “miss femme fatal” at end kind of changed her mind + it seemed to me as if she turned into a poor coward who finally realized that she (again) did a lil mistake to underestimate Yohan or even to think that he (like she said herself…) that “he is same like her” (oh no. bcos he sure isnt. i see there clearly differences) so she dicited to end it (like usual) her way…
    however ๐Ÿ™‚

    this drama is worth watching (even if i have a few no-noยดs about how some characters appeared or lets say: the writer… the writer of it, made me a lil bit “grrrr” haha.. bcos it really on few parts could have been much better done)
    but all in once,
    i loved watching this whole thing (alone the fact bcos 2 of my most favo male actors/singers was the main roles) and i guess its one of the BEST endings to me i have ever seen so far in a drama…

    guys, go watch this drama! ….you will enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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