Undercover Affair (2024)

Undercover Affair (2024)


Other name: 爱在天摇地动时 / 愛在天搖地動時 / Ai Zai Tian Yao Di Dong Shi / When the Earth Is Shaking

Synopsis: At a bar, Sen from the Kuntai Group meets Ling Yi, a hostess, and their paths intertwine. In their interactions, Sen learns of Ling Yi’s anguish after being abandoned by her boyfriend since she was imprisoned for accidentally causing someone’s death. Despite having closed himself off emotionally, Sen finds himself genuinely drawn to this kind-hearted girl.
One day, Sen confesses to Ling Yi that he is an undercover police officer who spent a decade infiltrating the criminal activities of the Kuntai Group with the hope of eventually bringing them to justice. Amidst perilous situations, Sen and Ling Yi’s bond grows as they find solace in each other. They both promise to start afresh together once everything is over.
With Ling Yi’s assistance, Sen covertly gathers crucial information about the Kuntai Group’s dealings by getting close to Kun’s wife, Elena, leading to the arrest of Kun and Elena and the subsequent collapse of the Kuntai Group. However, during the arrest, Kun’s younger brother and the most unpredictable member of the Chen family, Tai, goes missing, causing concern for the police. Meanwhile, a conspiracy against Sen and Ling Yi quietly brews in the shadows…
(Source: Chinese = Youku Youtube Channel)
Adapted from the web novel “Ai Zai Tian Yao Di Dong Shi” (爱在天摇地动时) by Zong Zheng Da Ren (总攻大人).
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Status: Completed

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