The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 12

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3 Comments to “The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 12

  1. oooh ….uh huh….i sure wouldnt dare to provoke him like she did … (she should know better, but – it seems like she have NO clue with who shes playing, bcos she always think shes above everyone lol) omg.

    they all even think he would not learn from his previous mistakes (which wasnt even huge) or be dumb enough to fall for their tricks.. (he knew shes a bitch and capable of anything crazy+that shes unpredictable)
    he sure was not OK with the death of his best man, but his man knew for who hes working and he even said himself once:
    that he have nothing to lose. (even if he would die one day.)

    she just have no idea what she started. (Yo Han – will now put beside all the kindness, politeness or mercy…
    + wipe everyone off, who comes to close or dare to touch these people He thinks they are important and precious to him.-and i believe he wont only use his intelligance to get rid of everys single one of them.)
    Oh, especially if its Elijah..and yes also Ga Oh!!
    that crazy bitch – she feels so safe – but now she gave him triple more the insight of what he have to take care of.

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