The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 2

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36 Comments to “The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 2

  1. Scheming girl knew both are helpful for her future .That’s why she approach kang tae and with him, she makes moves on inhaa. Even his sister knew how she is scheming . There will be war bwetween dudes in future . Both are already in company, obviously she will also work there.
    Without kang tae oh, inhaa willnot achive company on his own. After he get that position, he will surely throw Tae oh from company to not lose girl.

  2. haven’t seen this type of “everyone’s gonna kill each other” type of drama for a long time, thought this genre had gone out of style! ha ha
    this drama has all the elements for angsty endings and tragedy. An illegitimate heir, 2 buddies obsessing after same cold, scheming girl, bad parents on all sides, evil step mother, evil half brother, arrogant and bloodless rich dad. Every scene portends of a future ticking time bomb. I love the 2 male leads but this drama is not a feel good one and must be watched when one can stomach all the stress. Kang Teoh, run away far far away from them, you idiot! Why look so surprised at their kissing scene when you practically pushed them to go for it and eliminate you as middleman…..the OST is nice though

  3. yeeaa…i dont like the FL character. not charming at all. She give no reason to support her

  4. Okay, after watching both episodes and thinking about this drama, there’s something about this drama that’s throwing me off. First off, I do like it, but it’s not cohesive enough. I understand the synopsis, however, it jumps from Taeoh and In Ha meeting in school, becoming friends, and yes, they’re from different backgrounds, but I want to know how they’re going to take over the company? It wasn’t explained, but they decided to do each other a solid. I wish they had explained a lot more in the beginning. It’s just not moving smoothly as it should. My biggest complaint is the FL. She is an irritant. I am so tired of her showing up everywhere, looking spaced out, the character so far does nothing for this drama. I guess they’re going to make it a trope, which I don’t want to see. Yes, I know we’re only 2 episodes in, but she is already hitting a nerve. This drama is only 12 episodes, and they are trying to pack as much as they can in this drama, without so far making things clear. I am hoping the 10 other episodes will clear some things up for me. Overall, glad to see these 2 handsome men, Lee Jae Wook, and Lee Jun Yung working together.

  5. I was going to praise this drama because the first episode was good, but it took a step back with the second episode. I don’t like FL she’s kind of suspicious and tbh I don’t trust her either. Unnecessary love triangle kills the vibe of the story, they should’ve kept the bromance and not put the girl in between. With that being said I’ll give it another week.

  6. So this girl got her face boxed off by the some thugs. Inha was so worried about her, he kept ringing her phone nonstop without getting an answer Finally he found her. He hugged her tightly then immediately kissed her…why? They don’t know each other like that.
    ‘This is going to be a messy one. Everyone is doing what they need to do for a better future. As of now no one is right/wrong, just doing what they feel they must.
    I’m a bit surprised she wavered at the end, as opposed to him

  7. between the sister doing too much over taeoh who she barely knows & inha kissing the girl after less than 5 conversations, im tired

  8. Why most disney dramas suck ? The colour gradeing is dull and the plot is always kinda sad

  9. The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The FL is slick and mean. How can you kiss a guy while staring at another. She knows they are partners/friends. I love romance, but this is just a chick getting in the way.

  10. Wow, I thought it’s just me disliking the female lead character. Almost everyone is thinking the same way. Idk, her character sucks, she does not add flavor to the story. There is zero moment that can explain why Tae Oh or In Ha likes her. I dont see that the moments spent with Tae Oh that are amazing or intriguing, so I got confused why Tae Oh has a crush on her. Because of her pitiful background? Her getting that Tae Oh uses In Ha as a rope? Anyone can see that, it doesnt make her special. Also with In Ha, the moments are also dull, I dont get why In Ha is so smitten cz what she all does, talks, and acts is so plain, only playing hard to get. I dont even feel bad when she says she doesnt have a lot of time, cz the way she acts is so arrogant. It gives the image of her being whiny than being strong.
    Along the episode, I was hoping that Tae Oh will have something with the little sister instead cz they freakin have more chemistry than the stiff female lead. Idk if it is the writing or the acting of FL that should be blamed for the unattractiveness.

  11. I know for sure I’ll have to wait for the other 10 episodes to come out before I watch more of this….its intriguing

  12. I just can’t tolerate the FL. She is so plain/boring it’s hard to watch her and so far her acting is not impressive. I really can’t feel any emotions when she is on screen. I was so taken aback by the sudden interest of the MLs in the FL, like what are yall seeing that I’m not. Is not like she is the prettiest girl you have ever seen, her personality sucks, just because of her situation I can’t justify her actions. I hope the youngest sister becomes a badass. I love her. I hope Taeho and the youngest sister get together now that she is an adult, I feel like they would have amazing chemistry.

  13. Sometimes I really wonder what the casting director was thinking. Why is the oldest Kang brother so old? He looks like he should be dating his mother and is his dad’s brother, not son. Could they really not find someone else more suited for the role? When he interacts with his sister, he looks like her dad.

  14. Another case of poorly written Female Leads. I wouldn’t mind her in the story if we actually got to know more about HER not just her situation. Like how did In Ha meet her and fall for her? What actual good qualities does she have that made the 2 male leads fall for her?

    While pretty, she’s not so drop dead gorgeous that it can become the sole reason it would break up a solid friendship. We saw how she piqued Taeoh’s interest but what did she do that he would choose her over his good friend and a future full of riches for all 3? This is a good plot idea, even if a bit cliche. But the audience is confused. What in the world do they see in her? Atp both know she is not interacting with them out of good intentions. So what makes them see past that?

    Please writers, I beg you to write women as more than just a plot turner button…

  15. What did the FL do that both MLs are so mesmerized by her?????????
    All she did till now was work and had some playful conversations with both MLs while also being open about stepping on people just to be rich in the future…
    Only thing that would make sense would be the thugs trying to attack her and they have savior or white knight syndrome or something…
    Are both MLs have such low standards of just liking someone just cuz they’re pretty and vulnerable lol

  16. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the girl? The introduction to her character made things complicated in a way I don’t like. As if there is going to be some love triangle. She is just using Kang Inoh. And I know some people are going to say Taeoh is using Kang Inoh too but the truth is they are both using each other in a way, but at least they are friends and they agreed on their plan to success many years ago. While she is just dishonest. I hope Han Taeoh will stop having feelings for her but knowing Korean dramas shit is only gonna get more complicated from here.

  17. Han Tae- O seems primarily motivated to gain enough power and money to be able to face his stepfather when he eventually gets out of prison and protect his mother. Kang In-Ha seeks acknowledgment and validation. Both are motives that allow the characters to be more complex but then we have Hye-Won who so far seems only motivated to escape her tough life by seducing In-Ha, which just makes her character purely there for romance? I hope not. I wish they give her character an equal standing, that can play in the game along side the leads and bring something to the table. She’s in the same university as them, so she is extremely smart but it will be a shame if there isn’t more to the character.

    Also, girl did you just suggest that Han Tae-O use a high school girl who’s innocently crushing on him?

    Despite that, I want all the bromance and I want a sismance too. So I would rather have the four of them work together somehow than to have an unnecessary love triangle.

    Also, I wonder if In-Ha got involved with Hye-Won initially to prevent her from becoming more important to Tae-O than him then maybe started getting genuine feelings for her? or maybe it’s not that deep and he just saw, liked, and acted on it.

    Anyway, so far I can look past the romance, I don’t care about it enough to drop the drama over it cause the main story has me on a chokehold. I want to know their, plan, I’m invested in Tae-O’s family story, I want to know what the first scene in episode one meant. I need to see the In-Ha’s family crumble to dust….the oldest, the Dad, but esp the mom. Also, I’m curious about Kang Sung-Joo, he has a vibe like he won’t be an easy opponent cause right now even the dad is playing into their hands.

  18. It would be so interesting if Kdrama writers looked at these forums they would get so much insights from on their shows. Would also tell them what international fans want frim then in 2024

  19. Am I the only one who felt uneasy throughout the entire episode? Both Hye Won and Tae Oh want to use In Ha, who is aware of it. It seems Hye Won and Tae Oh like each other (not sure), and does In Ha really like Hye Won or is he playing another game. It’s messy, and I feel like this drama will be cruel. Love triangles aren’t my thing at all, and I like both MLs and so I want a good ending for them, but this might be too much for me to ask.

  20. These two leads r having a so much chemistry. I mean I can feel their intensity in romance but I can’t feel a thing frm fl. She isn’t a lead material. I would rather prefer the sis to be the fl.

  21. FL is just plain old im poor and i will step and seduce everyone to get rich ugh pls dont ruin the friendship of these 2

  22. I can tell is the “romance” that is going to ruin this kdrama for me, I had BIG expectations and NAH this is very disappointing, the female lead is horrible and has less personality than a bag of potatoes. Why kdrama writers are so good at writing male characters yet SO TERRIBLE at writing female character????

  23. i really like their bond, they must be the only ones for each other who really knows what family means. i hope they remain close and run the company together in the future
    this brother & sister are having an aegyo off ? they are so adorable

    not taeoh and hyewon’s love story already screams pain and be giving angst before it even begins
    this scene was a punch in my gut, i can feel the pain and disbelief taeoh was going through when he saw them kissing ah it hurts?
    it’s about to get a lot messy omg hyewon clearly doesn’t like inha but inha likes her so much. she’s clearly seems like a player
    i’m gonna be honest, i’m not sure how i’ll like this love triangle isn’t really necessary?

    for a second maybe their situation could be forgotten about, but the fear of regret is too much, it’s too soon
    pain this is what i feel right now they want each other, they NEED each other. they can’t have each other
    their story ended before it even started
    hyewon got her motives and priorities spot on. love to see it she is just not a sidekick for them boys

    he made his decision its time for result lol, taeoh decided to prioritize that promise he made to himself and inha to achieve success. that’s why he decided to let hyewon go, even though he likes her so much, but idk i feel so relieved when he let her go. i don’t trust hyewon?
    i’m sure my guy was like “i’ll make it work” but girl is too cynical.

    she so down bad for taeoh omg?
    heejoo after taeoh turned her down lol she handled the rejection like a boss in front of him but baby broke down in her car, she’s so adorable but ik how it feels to get rejected?

    “our game, has only just began”✨️?
    oh i got goosebumps, waiting for next episodes…

  24. Han Taeoh and Kang Inha are like the two MLs from love alarm. Very similar thing happened with the FL there too

  25. I wish they didnt add the romance part to the plot it feels kinda unnecessary. I am pretty sure the story would be fine without this addition rather than that focus on the succession of the heir

  26. Hee Joo : “I’m gettin’ a bad feeling..

    Gee ya think???? Btw the drama intro remind me of those retro melodrama openings.?

    All 3 come from terrible families.?

    Yikes why are the school uniform for the girls, in particular their skirts – so damn short!?

    I feel f In Ha..? he deserves someone better than Hye Won..?

    Oooh damn babbyyyy~tht final shot of Lee Jae Wook w hair slicked back in a suit was

  27. Our game has only just begun…. and we are ready to take this journey with them…. cannot wait to see how this unfolds

  28. Mom ran away with the money they came to the daughter, are they retarded ?
    Poor huiji got her heart broken
    Also why do they both fall in love with her doesn’t make sense the series would go on even without the girl

  29. The expression when Taeoh realised he like the girl more than he thinks and his heartbreak at the same time was worth all the wait.. Lee Jae Wook never fail to impress… Looking forward to next Wednesday

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The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 2

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