The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 11

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One Comment to “The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 11”

  1. oh i just knew it.
    (i knew it from that moment on when she bought that weapon.)

    shes not the type who makes her fingers dirty on her own, so i was not surprised that she did not killed anyone like she said in her anger… (and she just does not have that big balls anyway, the only big + loud of her was her mouth!!)

    but…. she sure is THAT type,
    … who wont “to eat crow” until her last breath and before she would back down she rather stop it and makes it for her going the easiest way instead to do anything beneath her holy dignity!!! (or do anything for her family.. sadly.. – she even did not told her son “no it not your fault” gosh…when she knew its all on her + everyone of hers is suffering bcos of every single of her wrong steps in past…)???

    YAY. why i did need so loooong, to finally watch this drama!?
    love it!!! ?

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