The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 10

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3 Comments to “The Devil Judge (2021) Episode 10

  1. Kissasian team, can you please check the download link of 9th and 10th episode? I tried to download them several times (since few days ago) but it still error till today

  2. I love Ji Seong , first I saw him in Save the Last since then I always watch his movie. See more of his movies and dramas. God bless.

    1. im a little late here, and eventually you will never read my comment lol but:

      …yes, me loves that guy too hehe 🙂
      …. btw – do not miss to watch Entertainer drama with him…! 🙂

      but i also love JinYeong (from one of my fav bands) – all his dramas are also outstanding+awesome (as well as Ji Seongs)

      but seriously, for me its most of time that i know a musician first +like him or their band and then i watch their dramas
      + they never ever dissapointed me, they all are so awesome and talented musicians AND actors – its crazy how good they are…
      (no matter if i watched dramas with JinYoung here, or Rowoon, or OkTaecYeon or the boys from CNblue..oh i could name a few more but, what i try to say is simple:
      they really never ever dissapoint!! hehe)…………… its sooo worth my time to watch their dramas or movies! 🙂

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