Pyramid Game (2024)


Other name: 피라미드 게임 / Pilamideu Geim

Synopsis: Every Thursday afternoon, once a month, students at Sarang High School cast their votes in a popularity poll. The result? A brutal ranking system that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school. After starting at the bottom, can new transfer student Su Ji make her way to the top of the pyramid? Or will she topple the game altogether?
Adapted from the webtoon “Pyramid Game” (피라미드 게임) by “Dalgonyak” (달꼬냑).


Status: Completed

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53 Comments to “Pyramid Game (2024)

  1. OTT is Paramount, that means hopefully there will be good fan subs soon after airing, otherwise no English subs for months…

  2. Wasn’t the one playing the role of doa in singles inferno? So That’s why she looked familiar…
    Also the actress playing the role of eunbyeol looks exactly like her i was really surprised.

  3. let’s hope for quick fan subs then, as Paramount probably will release English subs months later, let’s see…

  4. Funny how I thought of something, This drama is for the Girls and Weak hero two is for the Boys ( I don’t mean watched by but The Casting ?) Imagine Airing them at the same time omg haha

  5. I know! I was watching the clip for this one and said, “Heh, that looks like Seul-ki, that’s funny.” And, lo and behold, it’s actually her! The whole bullying genre isn’t my bag, but I feel weirdly compelled to check this out, now.

  6. they are high school girls 18 yrs old with lot of issues. I stg romance should be the last concern for them.

  7. Just two and a half weeks until this, Shogun and The Impossible Heir…March is going to be great for dramas I think.

  8. what are you even talking about… this is female centric drama with all girls high school, if it was the opposite you would probably be all happy, if you’re homophobic or whatever, just say it, lol

  9. They will probably find a way to make a male an important character lol ?? lets just hope. This is a girl cast drama only ??

  10. I have a feeling this adaptation is gonna be amazing I’m so excited!!! Especially for new faces in Acting like Jang Da Ah!!!

  11. Seulki’s acting is acc pretty good
    eun jung is my new crush like damn girl, pls let it be a wlw between her and yerim
    loving suji and jaeun dynamic

  12. BHR is so sick burning that poor child’s hand. She deserves to go to prison for that wtf. I guess psychopaths know no bounds even when it comes to little kids.

  13. this has been so good so far tbh. i like that the female lead is super smart and not a dvmb pushover. it’s so satisfying.

  14. I don’t understand why Ha Rin has so much power even over her parents like pls what that pos needs is a mental institution. Psycho bitch. How you gonna let a teenager order you around as an adult fr? Her parents are worthless.

  15. then dont watch it LOL, if you dont like the drama why did u even comment and watch it, the show aint made for you but the ppl who do like it.

  16. The grandma is stupid lmaoo ? she can’t spot a demon and she’s been on the earth for so long? That’s crazy. Older def doesn’t mean wiser.

  17. this doesnt have as popular stars as TIH so not much people watching it also some low lives rating it lower due to this being an all girl centric

  18. also people should stop calling jang da-a ugly it’s actually so annoying, she’s incredibly pretty and when i look at her i don’t compare her beauty to her sisters, maybe it’s because i’m a male and i don’t really care as much about these beauty standards korea has but to me they are equally as pretty and people should stop hating on her for this stupid reason

  19. Her grandma lets her have her way with everything. I’m guessing that’s why her parents can’t do anything to her.

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