Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 1

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4 Comments to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 1

  1. OMOGGMGOMGMO SHES SO CUTEE AHHHH and i love how she literally talkes about whales 24/7 unless its prohibited lol!! and i’d like to give my props to the wife for staying with him even through his abusive tendancies, i coudln’t have done that.

    1. Ummm…they are acting? In reality, I don’t think the actors themselves would have put up with whatever you are saying too? It seems unnatural for you to compare yourself to a fictional character…normally you just watch it all disconnected with them, except for emotional impact. Other than that—I don’t even feel like thinking what we would do in a certain situation. I feel like, barely anyone does that–when they are actively watching it. ?

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