Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 7

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6 Comments to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 7

  1. Very nice episode thank you for the subtitles – we can see an interesting plot
    When I started to watch this drama, I was really worried that they (the writers) focus more on the sweet-love story between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun-ho

    but this episode points out a fact raised by Sue-yon (and Woo Young Woo, too) : love matter isn’t a joke, a play-game when the other person have disabilities – it is a serious thing because, in addition to the romantic side, there’s also the investment side, understanding, patience, etc. to sustain, support and like her

    for me, the writers did a good job to not over-romanticize their relationships with the ep 7

  2. this episode is full of drama, tension, romance, and suspicion!! i think i have to agree with kwon about the “connection” thing. but however, if we look at it currently, shes working really hard at the job. if she were juust to laze around and do nothing, then that would fall into the “using her connections selfully” meh

    1. ughh i knew kwon was not a very reasonable guy,, but i didnt know he would be this unreasonable

  3. I like this episode very much as well, especially with the court scene between the mother and daughter lawyers…both showed their own style in presenting their opinion and intelligence. The subtitles are also very accurate, even very technical words are not misused or misspelled- Congrats to Hyun-soo Cho and to the rest of the writers.

  4. I absolutely hate that Kwon guy? he is so unnecessary… Everytime he starts talk I am like jealous mf all the time he sucks

    And I love those whale enlightenment moments… I get so excited to hear her thoughts ??

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