Wuju Bakery (2023)

Wuju Bakery (2023)


Other name: 우주 빵집 / 우주빵집 / Uju Bbangjib / Uju Ppangjip / Space Bakery / Wuju’s Bakery / อูจูเบเกอรี่

Synopsis: The drama follows the story of a small bakery, which has overcome numerous challenges to reopen in an old town filled with cherished memories of the owner’s parents. However, their long-awaited opening ceremony is disrupted when a spaceship crash-lands and destroys the bakery. The owner and a handsome boss must now share a chaotic living arrangement, along with an unexpected guest – an alien. As the alien’s presence attracts the attention of other aliens who have been hiding in the city, the true identity of the alien is revealed. With a total of 8 episodes, the drama delves into the unexpected consequences of this encounter.


Status: Upcoming

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27 Comments to “Wuju Bakery (2023)

  1. is this a thai series filmed in korea? what language will they be speaking? since there seems to be koreans as well in the cast…

  2. Let’s hope we can have it on March, the wait is killing me.
    Btw i think it’s the right date cause at the start of March Barcode’s series ends, so probably we’ll get to watch it then.
    Can’t wait thoooooo

  3. DFF traumatized me specially episode 7 so I came searching Barcode’s other projects I want to see some happy moments and roles of him and I think I found my happy pills.March please come soon

  4. I do not trust Be On Cloud to actually release this. I’m seriously crossing my fingers but if it’s delayed even one more time, I’m going to lose hope it’ll ever air.

  5. If they change the release date again I will skip this series and the other two as well

  6. Well it was false news. Apparently there’re lot of people spreading false news out of maliciousness. That’s why i said it like that. I don’t have any personal grudge against you. Anyway I’m glad the misunderstood has been cleared.

  7. Thank you for the correction. I deleted my comments in case someone doesn’t read fully and get the wrong information from me.

    I think if you do want to explain something to someone next time. Don’t accuse them of spreading false news right away. It was a misunderstanding on my part. I don’t mean to spread maliciousness at all. I’m looking forward to Wuju Bakery!

  8. As i said the previously [November or any other] time came from illegal sites not from official site so basically those were fake. & the postponement u r talking about is the membership of the series not the series itself. I think u misunderstood somehow.

  9. They removed the duration from the official site lol. Now we don’t know the duration anymore 🤡

  10. i agree with the pairing part
    even in KinnPorsche i just couldn’t see Jeff and Barcode together :/

  11. i loved 99% of all the korean bls i watched. (and i watched a lot) so i dont really see youre point of view. also i still dont see how you come up with the show beeing poor for their acting skills lol.

    i think if you dont like them as a pair, the series maybe isnt for you. i wouldnt watch a show where i dont like the pairing, the whole show is about. it just doesnt make much sense to me.

    also im not upset, i just dont see the point in beeing negativ from the start, for no reason tbh.

  12. That is how frustrated I am.
    And I don’t have any clue on why they postponed the date (month).
    Anyway, now I’m watching Call Me by Fire season 3 coz Jeff participate in that variety show.

  13. Calm down guys, I guess it will be out in early 2024 as Jeff said..so we have to be patient!!🥲

  14. KimChay! As much as I’m obsessed with them, why are they paired together again? Barcode is a baby compared to Jeff. I feel conflicted (but I love them so much at the same time omg)

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