Queen of Divorce (2024)

Queen of Divorce (2024)


Other name: 끝내주는 해결사 / 끝까지 간다 / 绝佳的解决士 / Kkeutnaejuneun Haegyeolsa / Kkeutkkaji Ganda / Great Problem Solver / A Hard Day / Persist Until the End / Going Until the End / Going to the End / I Will Go Until the End / Amazing Troubleshooter / Королева разводов / Удивительный специалист / ملكة الطلاق

Synopsis: Kim Sa Ra, once part of South Korea’s biggest law firm, faced betrayal and loss when her husband betrayed her. Turning adversity into strength, she became a divorce troubleshooter, now leading the Solution divorce settlement office. In her role, Sa Ra metes out justice, punishing unfaithful spouses and aiding those in unfair divorce situations.

Her partner, Dong Ki Joon, is an advisory lawyer with a past as an excellent prosecutor known as the “German Shepherd” for his persistence and intuition. Despite leaving the prosecutors’ office for unknown reasons, Ki Joon joins Sa Ra at Solution. Together, they strive to help those enduring difficult divorces, combining their skills and dedication to navigate the complexities of marital disputes.

Episodes: 12
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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18 Comments to “Queen of Divorce (2024)

  1. Cuz she Queen Bee Lee Ji Ah. She do whaeve she want! She don’t need no permission. Shyte!

  2. FL is divorcee and something bad must have happened with ML that’s the reason why he left his prosecutor job and get into lawyer advisory job.

  3. Is this the year for simp in Kdrama ?? Fl choose reality which mean she choose rich husband and never thought about ML and ML like a simp is still holding to her and helping her 🤡 . She even told him to not take the job but still he took the job . ” If you wait for the wrong person than the right person will never come ” . He needed to accept the reality and move on but writer try to write ML like a simp . She married someone else , had kids , never cared about him , told him to not take the job what more you need to accept the reality and move on . People is define by their choices and FL made one . After welcome to Samdali this is another drama where ML look more of a simp than man .FL look more like an arrnorant person. Who rather apologising for her wrong she even ignore the ML and maybe now she will accept him because now she don’t have any choice and he is in better position than her .so now she will settle for him .

  4. Kang ki young Only reason I am watching this drama. I want the director to show Kang Ki Young’s character as the most powerful in this drama.

  5. I wish this was good, but the social commentary just is too strong. it gets in the way of the human relationships and storytelling.

  6. can someone explain to me what happened to the fl and ml? did they use to date? why did they breakup?

  7. Isn´t that the same Office like in Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook?? I loved this Drama and this one is good so far

  8. Yeah I’ve noticed since earlier episodes that he does have feelings for her. Also cause he said that he wants to help her once she got out of prison so that they can live together and stuff. I guess he feels like his mother’s decisions are what he must follow and maybe haunts him so he feels like he had no other option? Idk how to explain well haha but he definitely loves/loved her.

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