Pachinko (2022)


Other name: 파친코

Synopsis: The drama tells the story of several generations of a Korean family living in Japan in the 20th century. They try to make a living by running a pachinko parlor.

Kim Sun-ja ( Youn Yuh-Jung ) was born and raised in Busan when Korea was under Japanese rule. She fell in love with a man named Ko Han-soo ( Lee Min-Ho) and soon she is pregnant. When she finds out that Ko Han-soo is married, she is devastated. Church priest Baek Isak (Jin Ha) saves her by proposing marriage and the young couple moves to Japan. There, Sung-ja gives birth to her child, but the life of Koreans in Japan at that time was not easy. They constantly face contempt and discrimination, but they struggle to survive.

Also known as: 파친코


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , ,

Pachinko (2022) trailer

12 Comments to “Pachinko (2022)

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  1. How can I watch this I cannot watch please help me,?? I really excited to watch Lee min ho pachinko

  2. I like how they started the series but they should’ve made Lee min Ho the priest to save her. I guess there will be a twist in later on. I hope so. I just love him

  3. Just until i watched episode 5-8 , I understand the storyline now ? waiting for the update ?

    1. There are only 8 episodes every season. There will be a total of 4 seasons of pachinko. Season 2 comes next year.

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