Our Blues (2022)


Other name: 우리들의 블루스 Urideului Beulluseu Ulideului Beulluseu

Synopsis: “Our Blues” is a collection of several stories set on Jeju Island.

Lee Dong Seok ( Lee Byung Hun ) was born in a small village in Jeju and sells trucks for a living. He is a simple and unsophisticated person. One day Lee Dong Seok meets Min Sun Ah, ( Shin Min Ah ) who recently moved to the island. Sun Ah has a mysterious past.

Choi Han Soo ( Cha Seung Won ) was also born and raised on the island, but left 30 years ago. Now he has returned to his hometown and meets his first love, Jung Eun Hee ( Lee Jong Eun ), who runs a fish shop and befriends Go Mi Ran ( Um Jung Hwa ). Mi Ran, tired of the noisy and harsh life of the big city, also returned to Jeju.

Lee Young-ok ( Han Ji -min) is a young female diver who moved to Jeju Island. She has been practicing haenyo (diver for shellfish and other sea delicacies) for a year now. Yong Ok is a bright person surrounded by many rumors. She meets Park Chung-jun ( Kim Woo-bin ), the captain of a ship who is a man with a kind heart and dreams of meeting a woman who will not leave Jeju. Jung Joon falls in love with Lee Yong Ok.

Original Network: tvN; Netflix;

Director: Kim Kyoo Tae [김규태]

Also known as: 우리들의 블루스 Urideului Beulluseu Ulideului Beulluseu




Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Apr 09, 2022


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3 Comments to “Our Blues (2022)

  1. A brilliant series, superbly acted by a stellar cast. This is easily one of the best K drama’s i’ve ever seen. Despite being from Scotland I’m well aware of Jeju Island, my youngest son having visited pre pandemic, (and sent me loads of photos). It is now one of my ambitions to visit myself.

  2. Must watch k -drama.so good…i m in love with this.kim woo bin is so handsome..my god…my heart literally skip when he appear..must watch❤️❤️❤️ tooo good

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