Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 20

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7 Comments to “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 20

  1. Omg I’m still crying, I watched this for the fifth time yettt arghhh and yk what? my sister just chat me and said she wants me to go to her room which is 2nd floor. Then I’m shocked coz I saw Lunar eclipseeee

  2. Both Wang so and Wang wook loved Hae so in their own unique way.
    Wang so was able to stay by Haeso s side no matter what because unlike Wook he was free from the baggage of having to shoulder the responsibility of a family but when things changed and so becomes the king he was put in the same situation and had to choose over love for goryeo,
    And wang so couldn’t fulfil his promise of setting hae so free, far away from the palace.. It was wook who did it, Thus concluding that both men loved Hae so but at the end chose the throne and power over Hae so.
    I wish there’s a part ll and Hae soo and Wang so share love and a happy ending

    1. wow, that’s a neat way of tying up everything, yeah, now that you’ve said it, everyone loved someone else in their own way…wook and wang so did love Hae soo in their own way, but wook had resorted to actions that aren’t precisely a “lovable” actions to the whole world; so he, no matter his love for Hae Soo, has faulted here…even Hae Soo said that So admitted his whole greed, and revealed himself altogether to her and that’s why she now loved Wang So, rather than Wook…at the end, Wook hadn’t all to bravely, or righteously even enough to convince Hae Soo, and that’s why he lost her…it had to happen.

      This is a fucking emotional rollercoaster, Goddamit. There are so many points where they could use to do another season, but they are not doing it T-T, pls helppp. Pls God, let this be the fate, and let there a season 2 star in the sky, so that we will all get a second season of this…and I do hope it is in my lifetime, rather than after I died, like 1000 years after such as it was shown in the story itself…I hope it comes to happen.

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