Marry My Husband (2024)


Other name: 내 남편과 결혼해줘 / Nae Nampyeongwa Gyeolhonhaejwo

Synopsis: Ji Won, a woman limited by time, travels back 10 years to seek revenge on her unfaithful husband and her best friend. After being killed by her husband in the present, Ji Won is determined to prevent the tragic events from occurring in the past. Park Won Kook directs this story of revenge and determination.


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194 Comments to “Marry My Husband (2024)

  1. Ep 1 was quite good. But as of right now, the way they introduced the ML felt a bit out of nowhere and random. Guess this is where the upcoming episodes need to work at.

  2. First episode was so good , i love it and I’m not really a big fan of the leads but the story worth it

  3. the viewership for episode 1 was around 5%, pretty good for tvn, right? i follow viwership out of pure curiosity^^

  4. does anyone know when these play? I watch the first 2 episodes it when will the rest come out? prime doesn’t tell you like Viki does.

  5. It’s so funny to me, especially Lee Yi-kyung, it’s so funny hahahaha. He played the role that was perfect for him.

  6. I haven’t read the webtoon but no way is she going back to the husband, he’s the definition of toxic there’s no plausible redemption here.

  7. I understand why people dislike ML clothing styles and his glasses but y’all have to remember that time is 2013 so obviously the fashion style is different than this generation

  8. Everytime when Lee Yi Kyung is in a scene, all I can think about is Rebecca and “Gwenchana Gwenchana”
    (and his character is ewww in this drama)

  9. I was very excited hearing about the adaptation, Marry My Husband is one off my all time favourite Webtoons! I read around once a month or so. So yeah, not who I pictured but not a bad choice.

  10. Is the female worker of the office who did makeup of ji won , is she ji hyuk’s sister or something ??

  11. I don’t why but this drama story somehow so much similar to perfect marriage revenge drama

  12. Can’t say I missed Scumin at all but after reading the Webtoon, I really missed Jiwon and Ji Hyeok and Jooran and Heeyeon. So far they are following the story line perfectly and this is taking me down memory lane 🥰😍 I think I was more excited for this adaptation then for Perfect Marriage Revenge (both are sooo good though). There is a lot that they are going to have to fit into 16 eps though but I have faith in the directors.

  13. Umm, Marry my husband was one of my favourite Webtoon , I was really excited when I heard that my favourite Webtoon is getting an drama adaptation , I really like how they have given so much depth to each characters , really enjoying the drama and episode 3 was really satisfying as our ji won finally got her confidence back

  14. 16 episodes is looking too long for this type of drama. They are introducing a love triangle as of ep 3…ugh. I just know that it is going to ruin the fun.

  15. in the commentary video PMY said that Jihyuk was as stiff as an old tree. But, he changes in the middle and it’s a total change. i think his stern character is already set up by the drama team. i don’t remember minhwan has comical side in the webtoon, but in the drama LYK said that villains also gave laughter to the viewers.

  16. According to Naver news today is the last day of filming for episode 16. Plus issuing a silence order to all cast and crew so that ending won’t leak 🤭
    This drama started last year around June or July. Now you can see the progression of Park Min Young as Kang Jiwon being almost back to her old self.
    During the presscon she is all healthy and gained her usual weight.

  17. wondering what character Boa will play.. I have read the webtoon.. but I can’t think of any.. hmmm

  18. my popcorn is ready for the time when soomin witnesses heeyeon’s grandpa selling “tofu and stuffs” 😂

  19. If they need a stand-in to show her how to kiss him after all this tension – I’ll volunteer. In-woo is the sexiest man I have seen in quite some time. His whole personna screams masculinity. When they finally kiss it had better be worth the wait. I’m dying from pent up desire for this man.

  20. You haven’t watched PMY yet, I think. However bad the PMY’s drama may be but kisses are always worth it. She is the best kisser in the kdrama industry.

  21. This is so draggy. A typical post-Healer PMY drama. The only show of that period I really liked was Her Private Life.

  22. Damn the chemistry is good. you could feel the tension between them on this episode :)))

  23. The two psychos finally Cheated! I was hoping they would..
    Now I really want to know how Kang Ji Won will fall for Yoo Ji Hyuk without making it look like he’s a rebound.

  24. I’ve read the webtoon and happy with the changes… personal opinion anyway.

    Plus the real source material is the Naver web novel (serialized 2020. 02. 04. ~ 2021. 10. 26), the webtoon itself is an adaptation (serialized 2021. 11. 02. ~ 2023. 02. 28)

  25. I guess Jihyuk helped Minhwan with the proposal arrangements so that Jiwon won’t hate it like she did in her previous life.

  26. I didnt read webtoon and I am enjoying drama so far… Honestly after severel years finally I am enjoying the Park MinYoung’s acting again … I like the plot, how strong she is and make her move…. I like how they balance drama , revenge and romance…

  27. The FL in the drama is vastly different from the webtoon and not in a good way. It’s like she gets dumber with each episode.

  28. This is so fun to watch, for the first time I am rooting for both the FL and the SFL lmao since they both want the same thing.

    I haven’t read the webtoon so I don’t know how much it differs from the drama, but this one is pretty enjoyable from my point of view. Also, it’s pretty obvious why she can’t break up with the SML, she explained it herself smh

    I haven’t seen this ML in any other drama but he does look very good !

  29. It’s hard to watch .Prime Videos subtitles are missing and/or out of sync. As much money as Jeff Bezos makes on Amazon,you’d think he could hire better translators. I still muddle through because it’s such a great show. I watch some clips on Facebook from the show and I can pick up on the missing dialogue on there.

  30. it was pretty obvious that the drama wouldn’t be following the webtoon since the first episode and yet 8 episodes later some people are STILL COMPLAINING my god…

    the drama WILL be different, accept it. it will probably only take on the main events of the webtoon and that’s it. get over it . you can always go re read the webtoon if you like it so much

  31. I didn’t think I would enjoy this drama so much! I already reached the latest episode. This is the first drama I watch while it’s still airing

  32. I just started watching and while I am enjoying it, I wish it had 12 or 13 episodes because with 8 episodes left, knowing kdrama writers, we are liable to get either some boring episodes or some messed up plot lines.
    I hope I’m wrong but experiences have taught me this.

  33. I wanna watch scenes with Lee Gi Kwang more ❤️ He seems like a walking green flag 💚

  34. Lost count of how many times I’ve watched ep 10. The slap was the best and the ending🤌🏻🤌🏻

  35. If been watching up to now finish the last 4 episodes then read the webtoon. You be suprised how bad they have done it. This show should been at least 20 episodes to get all the side characters development but this show just on the ml and fl. Fake ex drama that too cliche

  36. I’m not watching the drama yet so I think I should only read the webtoon and not watch the show

  37. I’m not giving up on this drama because I love the role of Na in Woo. Yes, that’s right. I got to know Na in Woo in this drama and I fell in love with him. I’m going to watch this drama until the end because of Na in Woo

  38. Yura managed to anger me in that short restaurant scene as much as Soo Min managed to anger me in 12 episodes

  39. Yes, save yourself. I was naiive enough to think we’ll finally get full romance for atleast an episode or 2 this week 🤧

  40. Lol no disappointed in ep 12 i enjoyed throughly without getting bored plus i cried also can’t wait for 13 ep

  41. With all due respect to the drama, which I love, the type of white truck on an abandoned night crossroad is just a bit cheap in it.

  42. I like how in MDL you can have people praised a show like no tomorrow and the next episode all you see it’s the same people bashing the same drama for no reason. I don’t want to spoil anything but ep. 12 isn’t bad. The true antagonist appear & FL deal with unresolved trauma. Until that episode everything worked (almost) perfectly and it was satisfying but I didn’t see how they could drag this show for 5 more episode without adding some struggle because everything was resolved at this point. So yeah, it was necessary.

  43. it because people are already trying to drag it down from weeks before, they just don’t get the timing so when there is a chance, they took it.
    I like ep 12, it’s a much needed story development also just because you get another “hated” character, doesn’t mean the story turn bad.
    the drama is trying to develop jihyuk like the novel while it’s underdeveloped by the webtoon.

  44. droppedt. i love park min young’s acting but she should explore other characters. it’s the same again and again.

  45. Agree regarding the acting of these two actresses… however, I don’t think the comments should affect much; just watch and enjoy the show…

  46. It’s earned its ratings because it has a solid first eleven episodes….the only episode that felt unnecessary was episode twelve and according to me it wasn’t even that bad just not as good as the first eleven…so if the last four have the same quality and paving as the first eleven then it deserves the ratings and even more….. atleast according to me

  47. all i want is to see ji won be happy. why can’t they just focus on her happiness.
    a new villain out of nowhere? really???

  48. Haha.. nice… now we need Park Seo Jun’s cameo 😄😄
    Or else his bestie friend.. 😄😄

  49. In Ji-won’s case (with her mother‘s story and with Su-min and Min-Hwan) despite knowing that Jihyuk is a good guy I actually would have feared for a brief while becoming the other woman. Basically while he might not have any affection for Yura that he might still give in to his family and has to marry her.

    The prospect of not being good enough for Jihyuk‘s family and having to compete with Yura (who is violent) in a official wife vs. sidewife/concubine way does not sound good.

    Of course she will change her mind later on and bounce back.

  50. i think I’ll just wait for the rest now, this frels too much for the next few episodes. I mean the main couple has huge issues in their own relationship , I feel like working on those would me much more realistic than adding whole murderous conspiracy with ton of bad guys. that being said , i was thinking from thw beginning tgat su-min was too different from the FL to just get her “fate” handed over. she would never let her husband treat her that way without a fight or let her self be trampled on until her health is destroyed. so at least I have to say it wasn’t entiwrly unexpected that they had to add some other story line…however the whole yu-ra plot line feels like they went overboard

  51. I agree with pretty much what both you and onlykdrama have said , but the part that gets me is even tho Yu Ra is digging her own grave, it’s unintentional because she thinks super rich daddy will get her off the hook if the authorities come knocking on her door, her thinking, i can throw those 2 under the bus cause daddy’s got my back. I’m pretty sure i read somewhere in the comments awhile back that someone who’s read the actual novel said it was Hijuks grandad who helped her dad get to where he is, could be wrong tho but it just seems to be sticking in my mind.

    And i have wondered a few times since i watched ep 12 yesterday if grandad is just playing along until he can get the goods on Yu Ra he knows how happy Jihyuk was with Jiwon and that Jihyuk had broken up with bitch2. Just a random thought i’ve had a couple of times would be interested to see if others might be thinking the same…

  52. Which platform is that showen on i’ve seen various comments saying it’s good but a bit to under the weather to look it up right now (blame the beer) lol….

  53. The end of ep10 was very good and the preview for ep11 was well done…but once ep11 was aired it just didnt have that strong element of keeping the momentum tense and exciting … hence i expected ep 12 ratings to be lower, and with the intro of Yura, people got more annoyed by it…
    For me i was more annoyed that she didnt allow Jihyuk to explain, and choose to ghost on him….

    Now that he might be a real ghost, (^laugh at my own joke^) its her turn to feel regret … we will see…

  54. Finally episode 13 is out🥲
    This drama just hooked me up😅
    Always makes me to say “No!! Now what next?” Thank you kissasian for uploading this webtoon for people like us(broke)😅

  55. I’m just rooting for the Eun Ho and Hui Yeonally hope he will tell the truth to her soon cause wtf???????????/

  56. looking forward to Yang Joo Ran’s happy ending too. She deserves so much better and so much more.

    though with the limited screentime left, it might just be a few minutes/scenes

  57. I don’t know what anyone else thinks of this but I can say that the end scene of ep 9 when she dumps min hwan in front of his parents and calls out his mother for being a bitch is just epic and please eun ho’s and his parents reaction was everything 😂

  58. the fucking ruining this drama for me why add the fucking ex-fiancee like seriously what about my other ship with Hui-Yeon and Eun-Ho ? why do they do this they wasted the drama on the ex-fiancee which never fucking existed in the webtoon

  59. From what I understood, it should be because there’s no one to steal that fate. I mean, the whole point of the drama is that you can’t change your fate no matter how much you avoid it, that’s why she tried so hard to get those two goons married. So I’m guessing, it doesn’t matter how matter how much things change, the end is inevitable, it’s either him or someone else. So basically he’s destined to die unless someone else does in his place, I guess.
    Asides that, the time difference between their deaths make no sense to me either cause it looks like they both started the second life at the same time despite dying on different days.

  60. I need to find the one from ep. 13 55:00-57:30 😂
    About 5 songs and their instrumental versions are out on Spotify already.

  61. What’s the point of coming to read comments if you get triggered by them? Calling people haters is hate speech. Also if you need to attack people for “negativity”, pls understand that this is not a fansite. People evaluate the drama, all opinions are equally valid. Trowing temper tantrums here and calling people haters is too childish. I’d say just watch the drama and don’t read comments.

  62. There are dramas with 14, 12, 8 episodes yk that right, they should have inculcated the stories in less episodes.

  63. thanks for sharing. I agree that they are different (except for the main trope and unconditionally loving ML). And I enjoy both in their own ways.

  64. After 10th episode i only prefer to watch shorts of it. Since i study the webtoon version it is so nice than series. The main problem in this series is that they have messed up with plot as well as after 11 episode the plot goes off somewhere, unnecessary entry of yu-ra and her character as well as her scenes with Min park it so sucks off. I only started to watch this drama because of yoo hee yeon, she was like exact copy of webtoon version. They have done casting the leads of the drama quite well, except the Min park (which makes me LOL at many scenes, he is always “Gwenchana guy” for me).

  65. Someone please spoil me about this weeks episodes , are they better than last week??

  66. theu plot doesn’t go off because the webnovel and the webtoon are different pokie, here they’re following the webnovel.

  67. Episode 9 to 11 was the best, most satisfying run in a kdrama. I was living!🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Episode 12 was probably the most depressing come down in history though😕

  68. Doesn’t matter if the MDL ratings for this drama is 0/10. It’s a 10/10 for me and will stay that way for eternity. All of the hard work the actors, actresses, and everyone involved put in this drama is beyond what I expected after reading the webtoon and deserve much recognition. I’m a happy camper. 🙂

  69. I agree with you this is unbearable now every platform they are criticizing the drama and degrading fl as she is dumb n all is just funny at this point

  70. So true but people are not ready to accept it, doesnt necessarily mean the show is bad probably the BEST shows airing now (PMY and NIW fan here) but its best to accept that the show has been moving in a direction none of us expected
    But I’m hoping it ends with a bang with an ending it deserves!

  71. I wish it was Su Min who was the one saving Ji Won in the last episode, instead of Ji Hyuk 🙁

  72. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this by BoA and her character completely ruined the drama for me. I have never dreaded this show up until her appearance. And now she won’t go away.

  73. They gonna use Yura with whom PMH will cheat on Sumin. And maybe Sumin will die in their hands 💀
    Definitely the powerful revenge ever

  74. It’s obvious that there are people who are watching to criticize and not to understand.

    What’s the point of a revenge drama if it ain’t gonna give you a headache? It’s frustrating how a drama reaching its climax and things getting complicated as a gear up for the final is what people call a downfall. Or maybe because the first 11 episodes came with butterflies and sunshine so when things took another direction like they were supposed too they freaked out and called it bad writing. You people just can’t stand to see a successful drama

  75. oh I haven’t gotten to that ep yet but I’ll see! yeah it seems like she got work done idk her lips are very swollen? which would suck cause she was already extremely beautiful:(

  76. Here to countdown for the last ep in the comment section as promised! 😀
    2 days left!!

  77. To be honest this kind of revenge is the best kind of revenge for Ji won
    A revenge where you don’t ruin your self in the process of hurting those who ruined you but rather you take time heal and become a better and more confident and better version of your self, A revenge where you watch those who ruined you ruin themselves without dragging you into their mess or drama…a revenge where you stay true to your self only stronger and more confident and self aware…….💜

    Just saw the pre release and Iam glad I had the same thought in mind and I can’t wait to see how things are wrapped up in the end…..

  78. calling the ML boring for a side character is wild, I don’t think his character deserves that

  79. I agree. At first I didn’t like the changes, but if they stuck to the story in the Webtoon, it would have dragging. I like how they brought the parents into the mix with Yura. The last two episodes are going to be much more fun to watch with all that is going on.

  80. Why on earth they decided to add so many changes to already perfect novel? I even went back to check the novel again as everything here confused me a lot. Feeling sad…

  81. You seem to have some mental issues looking at some of your comments. Just shut up and mind your f**king language.

  82. MDL ratings doesn’t matter at all tbh because what matters the most is Korean ratings and it’s already a blockbuster hit in Korea, breaking many records. That’s why the cast and crew are going on a reward vacation. The last time the reward vacation happened was in 2019. It’s always on top 3 on amazon prime and even got number 1 position on prime video worldwide 2 times already. So, I don’t really care about MDL ratings as it is full of antis now trying to bring down the ratings.

  83. But it’s already so successful overseas too. For a kdrama to be number 1 on prime video isn’t an easy thing at all. I think this drama already created history in terms of that.

  84. You can watch “an affair to die for ” , it is a movie , where in about 75% of the movie we see that husband is taking revenge on his wife and her lover until the real twist arrives 😉

  85. It’s painful to watch the show, but the finale will be much more satisfying 🥰😍
    I would suggest people who complain either not watching or wait and binge last 6 episodes.

  86. it should hv ended at ep 11-12…that oh yu ra part is unnecessary n different from the storyline…they should hv ended it as su min n min hwan being married n after 10 yrs a new girl entering min hwan’s life telling that su min now has ji won’s fate while ji won is enjoying her happy life…

  87. “According to the production team, Park Min-young, who plays the role of Kang Ji-won, who pioneers a harsh destiny properly, is evaluated as having handled the changes in her character’s life well. Unlike her first life, in which she contracted cancer and was killed by her husband and best friend in the play, Kang Ji-won, who returned, realized that fate is something you create for yourself, and proved it by fighting with her whole body. In particular, the scene at the end of episode 14 where, even as Park Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung) was strangling her and losing consciousness, she confidently faced him and smiled without any sign of fear, was a moment that showed Kang Ji-won’s inner strength. If her death is fate, she is Kang Ji-won, who has changed enough to laugh at even that fate.”

    This is the explanation from the production team, so most of the people who don’t understand a strong FL can just shut up!!! People always complaining about FL make me wonder if we are even watching the same drama. She has become so strong to the point that she is now ready to laugh at her fate even if the fate means death. So, y’all can stop crying.

  88. I just wished jiwon proceed with her seduction plan and plant huge lip kiss with minhwan. ml can’t anything as he gave her his consent. I like cuckold moments. I imagine in some parallel universe, it actually happened this way.

  89. the way this show went absolutely downhill is so funny and watching the people who swore this was better than perfect marriage revenge realising that this show is trash is even funnier

  90. Okay. Listen. PMY is known to be the queen of romcoms, but I think she rocks in a drama. I noticed this in Queen for 7 days and i am noticing it here.

  91. I’m a guy and i want to see this type of drama but with male mc
    where fl/wife is a cheater and the main guy is wronged and betrayed by everyone , is completely helpless , basically revenge from male pov .
    i mean its not like only guys cheat , my gf cheated on me

    can someone suggest me anything like that ? doesn’t have to be Korean drama

  92. She has become much stronger now. And she must have wanted to see if her destiny was to be really killed at the hands of Minhwan.

  93. Watched ep 12 at speed 2x 💀💀 wth was that, and you want to tell me it will get even worse? Im also tired of the whole freeze when afraid thing, srsly in every freaking drama, just so the ML can come and save the day? 💀 tireeeed

  94. You’re right, it doesn’t matter whether people enjoy it overseas or not. It’s a Korean drama, and if only Koreans enjoy it, that alone makes this drama a success.

  95. What has happened to this show since Ep 12?
    Unnecessary drama and angst 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  96. Yes I wrote the same in less sentences ☺️ It’s clear she could’ve stopped him, once she collected herself and overcome the initial fear.
    She also knew Jihyuk was coming which also gave her strength.

  97. BTS reels helped me when I missed them this past week. Such goofballs when camera is not rolling. Fell for Na Inwoo more than expected 🤫😍

  98. I’m glad that it’s still “Marry my Husband” Monday, otherwise Monday sucks 😑
    But what am I gonna do from the next week?! 😭

  99. Perfect Marriage Revenge (PMR) follows a logical storyline without overwhelming the plot with unnecessary subplots, it features more soft and romantic scenes compared to MMH’s more chaotic and humor-driven narrative… 😅

  100. This better end with Ji Won and Ji Hyuk at a BTS concert wearing head to toe merch waving a light stick and singing Spring Day! I will settle for nothing less!

  101. In this case, it may be on purpose (based on the preview) but it’s funny to see a person in dramas open the door without confirming who it is, especially when they are aware that someone dangerous is on the loose/existing. lol

  102. A+++ for Su min in Ep15, she nailed the scene for the entirety of 2024. She’s definitely going to get way more offers after this drama.

  103. nao entendi uma coisa, Yoo Ji Hyuk não fez nada para mudar o futuro dele MAS o vi em vários episódios se preparando pára daqui a 10 anos… será que….

  104. omg how did I miss that? Of course, we should totally show love to Min Hwan…he did so much for our Ji Won 💀

  105. And just like that SuMin proves that she is THE crazy bitch/ Final Boss and Yura just background noise……and all o this in those high heels boots.

    I just love to hate her.

    And Min Hwan always getting in fights that he can´t win…….Sad violin

  106. Why are you all behind minhwan , he was such a good boyfriend to our jiwon :
    1. He stole her toxic bestfriend from her
    2. He cheated on her so that she can not be bullied by his toxic mother
    3. He also stole her fate to keep her alive

    So much love (💀💀)

  107. After yesterday’s excitement in “Captivating the King”, I’m glad that the villains are getting punished and the show is getting closer to a happy ending. I hope every series has such a happy ending.

  108. I kind of had to go to google for that because I couldn’t put it in words mu self so according to them it is sylistic, tonal, or narrative element in dramas that chooses to play up outrageous storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become (adultery, revenge, rape, birth secrets, fatal illnesses, and flirting with incest possibilities are some makjang favorites).

  109. As far I remember yu ji hyuk said to his grandfather that he previously used to think that he will never ever become like his father but now he understands that. What did he mean by that? Like his father was not wrong to do second marriage after his 1st wife died so why jihuk said he will never become like his father?

  110. One way to describe Makjang would be Korean soap opera. It’s nothing but over-the-top drama, exaggerated expressions, and the slowest camera pans you’d ever see. Think The Heirs, Penthouse, SKY Castle, or if you want something older, Stairway to Heaven and That Winter, The Wind Blows.

  111. No she definitely looks 50. I am one of those people who can guess that actual age of Asian woman correctly so it’s definitely noticeable to me

  112. Before the drama ends I need to give out some awards to the following characters 😅

    #1. Our mvp Jeon Su min as The most psychopathic character of the year…( A manipulator a pretender a gaslighter a crazy person you name it) she’s all in one….whole package 😂👏

    #2. Trash of the year: Park Minhwan aka panties park aka greedy park aka ex husband to Ji won and Su min and then Yura’s Toy…aka died a miserable death🤣👏

    #3. Rich tall handsome reliable allowance of the year: Yu jihuk aka jiwons allowance aka green flag aka Kang Ji wons solid land aka Kang Ji wons self defence coach aka white truck defender aka Kang Ji wons soon to be husband 🤧💜

    #4. Match maker of the year: Kang Ji won aka sumins other half aka ex wife to park Minhwan aka sumins and Minhwans biggest shipper aka now owns real estate worthy of 80 million aka Ji hyuk’s entire reason of existence.💜

    #5. Sun shine character of the year: Yu Heeyeon aka Kang jiwons bestie aka Ji hyuk’s sister aka food lover aka happy pill of the series.💜

    #6. Right hand man of the year: Mr Lee aka calm and quiet ADJUSSHI aka jooran defender.

    #7. Jagiya of the year: Joo ran aka Ji wons real other half💜

    Special award: Su min and Minhwan ( couple of the year….aka match made in hell aka till death do us part😂)

    Sorry for the long paragraph I can’t sleep waiting for the final show down tomorrow 😭😂

  113. Lee Yikyung also deserves an award because no one else could’ve played a sleazebag like Park Minhwan better. He’s not just a funny guy on variety shows, his acting skills need to be appreciated!

  114. I just watched ep. 12. There is one part I didn’t understand. Can someone please explain the relationship of Yoo Ji Hyuk and Yoo Hee Yeon? I thought they had the same father. I didn’t understand what Yoo Ji Hyuk talked about with his grandfather when he talked about the past and his father. Did his father cheat on his mother and his sister is the child from that relationship and not from the later marriage?

  115. Oddly enough as I was watching it happen, it felt fair. He killed Ji Won this way, so only fair he dies in the same manner.

  116. you guys do have a point. but I just don’t feel happy about it (all the revenge), like, it’s a lot

  117. Well the writers decided to make things more intense as a gear up and preparation for the final but sadly some viewers could not handle it and decided to term it as the dramas down fall……


  119. I said it earlier but Soo min was the MVP of this show! She nailed every scene. It sucks that the FL was turned into a damsel in order for the ML to save her, but in ep 15, MVP Soo Min, being the psycho that she is, was like, « I’m that girl »

  120. in the webtoon it clearly said that Too Hee Yeon is her Stepsister from another mother. Both have same father as Too Ji Hyuk mother was ill and she’s dead so it took quite a long time for him to accept his new stepmother but the stepmother also love him like her own

  121. i could not finish her last drama where she’s some kind of rent a wife/gf…the whole concept was cringe

  122. Yura plot is important for grandpa giving them
    approval. He is still hesitant, but once he learns how evil she is he’ll approve of Jiwon. I’m disappointed many fail
    to see that 🤷🏻‍♀️

  123. Honestly, this drama kept getting better and better for me!! I love how we can see Minyoung’s character growth and her gaining confidence and finally taking her life into her own hands!! I am also content with how all the villains were handled!! And I am also very happy with the ending!! Finally, one of the rare dramas that shows us what happens after they achieve their HE even briefly.
    Overall I believe the drama served what it promised to the viewer and the ending scene with the cherry blossom trees was just stunning to look at!!

  124. First off, cherry blossom fall in spring represents change, a new beginning in Asia. That’s why they like to end kdramas with this type of setting.
    Second, it was at that time they’ve died and FL’s ghost dad was driving them on a pretty lane filled with cherry blossoms. They were celebrating that day as an anniversary.

  125. This final episode made me smile so much that now my cheeks hurt, I loved everything about the ending and I’m so satisfied with this adaptation overall❤️😊

  126. Omg of course! I was thinking it was a my demon reference. I literally typed that out without even realising it’s referring to marry my husband 🫠. Aww thats actually super cute. Thank you!!

  127. The last two episodes were quite nice after a couple of disappointing weeks after Yura’s character was introduced.

    My issues with this drama, though, is awkwardness. It was awkward to see the main couple and awkward to see most of the other relationships as well.
    Like when they had that friendly dinner in the last episode, I felt second hand embarrassment by how awkward that scene was.
    Sumin was the main character and the actress deserves any awards and opportunities from now on.

  128. What an awesome finale! I love how they stamped the end with so much happiness ❣️

    I also like seeing how the fates of the leads got switched over to the others and how all the couples ended up together.

    Ji Hyuk is just adorable in this episode! I absolutely love their height difference 🥰 I cannot believe I just discovered Na In Woo.

    I’m so glad that Park MinYoung is back delivering a great drama. Everyone’s acting was excellent and gotta give the award to Song Ha Yoon!

  129. As an African, I feel low-key offended that my continent is also used as a dumpster for human trash even in dramas.

  130. All in all a decent to good drama. I enjoyed watching it, but it is not going to leave any lasting or memorable impression on me.
    Highlight of the series was Song Ha Yoon for me. The best actor in the drama.

  131. 🙄 It irks me when I see Africa being mentioned in drama/movies. An entire continent with 54 countries for volunteer work lol

  132. the whole final scene of jiwon with sumin was so great it was full circle ! passing through your fears ! jiwon was an inspiring character ! 🫶

  133. I hardly ever watch romance/revenge centric dramas as I find it tends to become cringey and nonsensical. However, this drama did an amazing job keeping the audience hooked from beginning to end.

    The writers made sure to keep viewers at the edge of their seats, giving the occasional satisfying “pay back” all whilst setting up for the grand finale. There are some twists but not too much that would make the plot convoluted. I also greatly appreciate that they didn’t rush the ending and gave what the audience wanted to see.

    All the actors from the leads, villains and supporting did an impeccable job. Park Min Young did well portraying a woman who took her destiny into her own hands.

  134. OMG!!!.. the final episode was so satisfying… i loved it😍😁
    really gonna miss them🥲

  135. Which of the actors played Yura bodyguard? They have such bad photos here I can’t recognise him. 😂🙈

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