Man in a Veil (2020)


Other name: 비밀의 남자 Bimilui Namja Bimileui Namja A Secret Man The Secret Man Man Behind Secret

Synopsis: A man has the intelligence of a 7-year-old due to an accident. Han Yoo-Jung ([Uhm Hyun-Kyung]]) is a woman with a bright and positive personality. She aspired to become an announcer, but her poor family background made her give up on her dream. She now works hard to support her family. She also lives in atonement for her fraternal twin sister’s wrongdoings.

Director: Shin Chang Seok [신창석]

Also known as: 비밀의 남자 Bimilui Namja Bimileui Namja A Secret Man The Secret Man Man Behind Secret


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

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4 Comments to “Man in a Veil (2020)

  1. writer should let SJ and YJ go back to be friend or dating. This will upset and drive YR NUTS…she deserve to be punish, letting MY and YJ date will prevent JP from revenge on yj mother and SJ mother…MY need to play the bad ass now to teach YR and MIL a lesson.

  2. writer should not made SJ bad…he is the innocent one and his love for JY is pure….writer should hide the relationship between TP and JY till TP work on the revenge on YR and MIL. writer should start showing SJ father meeting JY mother , his first love….when are you going to show…its half way to the drama already.

    This will get the 2 wicked women edgy and the drama suspense…no need to show love on TP and JY…..start showing the revenge by TP on YR and her MIL……just keep SJ smiling giving JY the time to space herself…..why made an innocent pure heart the bad guy…..he is a victim….keep it till almost the end….

  3. How about the episode after 87? Want to know what happened and the ending…please publish it…thank you

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