Like Flowers In Sand (2023)

Like Flowers In Sand (2023)


Other name: 모래에도 꽃이 핀다 / 沙中開花 / Moraeedo Kkochi Pinda / The Sand Flower / Flowers Even Bloom in the Sand / Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand / Дорама Цветы расцветают даже в песке

Synopsis: Kim Baek Doo, once a renowned prodigy in the traditional Korean wrestling sport of ssireum, is now contemplating retirement from the Geosan County Office ssireum team. Born into a prestigious ssireum family, his reputation as a skilled wrestler has faded. His life takes a turn when he reunites with childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung, who takes charge as the leader of the struggling ssireum team, facing imminent disbandment. Surrounding them are individuals like Min Hyun Wook, a newcomer acclimating well to Geosan County, enigmatic cafe owner Joo Mi Ran, the recently appointed team coach Kwak Jin Soo, and Baek Doo’s close friend, police constable Cho Seok Hee. Together, their interactions unfold within the context of the ssireum world, shaping Baek Doo’s journey and the team’s fate.

Episodes: 12


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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