Knight Flower (2024)

Knight Flower (2024)


Other name: 밤에 피는 꽃 / 夜晚開的花 / Bame Pineun Kkot / Bame Pineun Kkoch / Flowers that Bloom at Night / Flower that Blooms at Night / Night Flower / Night Blooming Flower / Дорама Цветок, распускающийся по ночам

Synopsis: Cho Yeo Hwa is a widow of 15 years, living in a prestigious noble family. During the day, she remains at home, but at night she secretly jumps over the wall to help people in need. In this process, she meets Park Soo Ho, a senior officer proficient in his job and attractive in appearance. As Yeo Hwa begins to dream of her future, their relationship develops.


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12 Comments to “Knight Flower (2024)

  1. From the description mentioned above it looks more like FL likes him. ‘…..and she begins to dream about her future. ….. has an attractive appearance.’ But ML falling for a sassy/free type FL is not a flow we have not seen.

  2. Main Cast/Character Descriptions:
    Lee Hanee as Jo Yeo-hwa: a widow for fifteen years who is living a double life.
    Lee Jong-won as Park Soo-ho: a military officer who is intelligent and has excellent martial arts skills.
    Kim Sang-joong as Seok Ji-sung: Yeo-hwa’s father-in-law who is the first vice-premier.
    Lee Ki-woo as Park Yoon-hak: Soo-ho’s older brother who is the left councilor.

  3. First 2024 drama I actually enjoyed 🥹 I’m watching with my mom and she enjoyed it too👍🏻

    It’s nice cuz it breaks the whole historical repetition, she’s the badass one, and hani is effortlessly funny and comical

  4. I remembered ml more after seeing he was in xx, and my dude is so adorably handsome 🥹 he’s square jaws are refreshing, his plump lips are squashy and his preciously soft eyes are EVERYTHING 😭😭
    He also has a cute sense of humor always chuckling on the side, mainly cuz of hani🤣
    And hani is so well balanced here. She’s perfectly elegant but also adorably quirky✨

  5. I am glad to see that the rating has increased. I couldn’t understand the unnecessary low rating at the beginning.
    Dramas where Honey Lee plays are humours
    and never boring. I enjoy watching her playing.

  6. I love the series too! But i can’t remember the horror film reference? When does it come?

  7. the daughters n laws chastity for the gate competition is just to.. too much if it continues for every ep i will have to drop this drama….otherwise i like it

  8. I like this drama though I am still wondering which direction is going to take. I love the FL character, she is a female Robin Hood, and her actions are so moving like condemning herself to a life of misery at the hands of his evil mother-in-law for the sake of her maid – with all reason, her maid is adorable and so smart. I am rooting for both of them. Then is the ML, a great performance by Lee Jong Woon I love his face, is almost like a painting. I just want to see clearly how all these pieces are going to make a whole and wholesome storyline (and if anybody knows the song at the end, I love it with that female husky voice, please let me know)

  9. This is much more fun than I thought based on the 1st episode. I really like the ML choice, a fresh face (had only seen him in Amanza). Honey Lee is is course a virtuoso actress. ML and FL characters really are soulmates and their shenanigans make me laugh! I don’t think they’ll go full romantic in the drama before the last episode. This is clearly a well planned drama and am seated for the rest of it!

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