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7 Comments to “Cheer Up (2022) Episode 8

    1. sad that you had to experience stuff related to your dat T-T, but stuff related to girls, i cant say that bro, cause i’m too crying with you T-T

      BTW, that main lead can fuck right off, he had so many chances to have something solid with Hae Yi, but no, he’ll act air headed and clumsy and throw every chance he gets, and now he feels sad, frustrated and regretful? My ass, now, the second lead has won, literally swept every competition out the window with that last sequence of emotional attack. My God, now even I would dislike if Hae Yi was given to that main lead without leading, without somehow making a good excuse or good situational excuse, but that too will seem cheap; (but i liked their otp the best T-T) so ig Hae Yi is officially Sun ho’s

      1. I agree soooo much with what you wrote. Like I was team main lead but after this?! I don’t know bro, he kinda screws everything up and now I’m team Sun Ho, because capetan is one day shy and awkward, the other day he rejects her. He kinda be like asking to be swept to second lead. And now I even don’t blame Sun Ho for being a bitch in the last episode. For the first time he feels attached to someone but that person doesn’t like him back. Considering his background (family) that boy is broken legit!!

        Can we also talk about how Cho Hee broke Yong Il heart T-T

        1. all kdrama Sun Oh deserve justice (love alarm’s sun oh!!!) ?? even i totally agree with everything you both said frrr.

    1. Yes but this is just too extreme and I’m already loving it… plus when watched “may i help you” series the police man gave me thrills and in this he’s already kinda suspicious ???amazing twists …….!!!!!!!!!

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