Bloody Heart (2022)


Other name: 붉은단심 Bulgeundansim Red Heart

Synopsis: “Bloody Heart” is a fictional historical drama about palace coups, power struggles, revenge and love.

With the help of Pak Gae Won, Lee Tae’s father overthrew the king and became the founder of a new dynasty. Lee Thae himself became the ruler after his father. Lee Tae believes that the end justifies the means and strives for absolute power, which First Vice-Premier Park Gae Won does not agree with. Park Gae Won is even more powerful than the king.

Yoo Jung ( Kang Han Na ) is a daughter of a noble family. Lee Tae sees his wife in her. Bcause of this, her family becomes involved in political intrigues.

Also known as: 붉은단심 Bulgeundansim/  Red Heart

Airtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 02, 2022

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Bloody Heart (2022) trailer

4 Comments to “Bloody Heart (2022)

  1. Great cast & story line, interesting how this monarchy? is set up and by who with the most power. Looking forward to how the rest of the episodes evolve. It’s got my attention.

  2. Why is this notice now up when ready to watch episode 11? It says, “This video unavailable, this video contains contents from KBS Media who has blocked it on copyright grounds”.

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