Badland Hunters (2024)

Badland Hunters (2024)


Other name: 황야 / 乌有之地 / Hwangya / Concrete Utopia 2 / The Wilderness / Cazadores en tierra inhóspita / Охотники с пустоши / صيادو الأراضي القاحلة

Synopsis:Seoul becomes a wasteland after an earthquake, and survivors face threats from nature and each other. In this lawless world ruled by power, Nam San, a wasteland hunter, teams up with Choi Ji Wan to navigate the dangers. Together, they must survive the transformed city and the unpredictable actions of fellow survivors.

Adapted from part 2 of the webtoon “Happy Boy” (유쾌한 왕따) by Kim Soong Nyoong (김숭늉).


Status: Completed

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3 Comments to “Badland Hunters (2024)

  1. wish it was a bit longer and wish they put like more effort into showing a bit more of the characters past and whatnot also it was a bit too fast paced but all in all it was a really good and funny movie 💙

  2. Can’t believe it got a sequel, i spent half of the movie being bored during Concrete Utopia.

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