Queen Woo (2024)

Queen Woo (2024)


Other name: 우씨 왕후 / Wang Hu Woo Ssi / Wang Hu U Ssi / U Ssi Wang Hu / The Lady Woo / Императрица У

Synopsis: After the sudden death of King Gogukcheon, a fierce battle erupts among the tribes to crown a new king within 24 hours. The 8-episode drama “Andmarq” is a NC-17 rated political melodramatic action play that follows Lady Woo, the first person in history to become a queen twice.


Status: Upcoming

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9 Comments to “Queen Woo (2024)

  1. Once again, some dumbass edited the cast with the names of the characters only, when titles were previously indicated. Well done stupid people.
    When it comes to sageuk, it’s important to keep or just have their titles. Why ? Well, to the stupid people doing that, have you ever watched a sageuk ? The characters are almost always called by their titles, so it’s easier for viewers to identify them if you keep it in the cast section too.
    Edits should be useful to the viewers, please think before doing that.

  2. I am also tired with these people, when you don’t know how to submit full name then don’t do it🤷 they always messed up

  3. I hope they’ll release it by june/july. It’s 8 episodes so post production should not be too long

  4. The plot of the drama is centred around King Gogukcheon’s death and the fight for his succession. And Chang Wook plays King Gogukcheon, so it’s not hard to know that his character will die in the drama.

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