To Be Continued (2024)

To Be Continued (2024)


Other name: คุณได้ไปต่อ / Khun Dai Pai To

Synopsis: Dr. Ji is fiery-tempered, foul-mouthed and sincere with a sweet smile. Achivich is a fearful, tall and handsome loner.
Two friends’ relationship gradually develops until it crosses the line of friendship and they have to part from each other. Their feelings are tested when they meet again later in their lives.
(Source: Thai = Ch3Thailand Facebook)
Adapted from the novel “To Be Continued” (คุณได้ไปต่อ) by Nottakorn (นทกร).


Status: Completed

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16 Comments to “To Be Continued (2024)

  1. Looks cute,but i saw it being under doumundi production,i can’t trust this one.Please be good,this production destroyed every series for me

  2. I only found out about it because Zee is singing the theme song. Just saw it on YouTube today.

  3. I believe it’s because this series isn’t ‘original domundi’, they were just paid to produce it. It should be easier than creating an ‘original domundi’ where they first need to go after investors and things like that.

  4. Really loved the first episode, hope Ji don’t keep the cold face anymore and be more courageous and active. I know he is passive person, but Achi compliments him a lot. One is negative and the other is positive. Achi is lively enough to light up the world of Ji. Hope they get together soon, given it is 8 episodic series only.

  5. because i don’t have a Netflix subscription i cant watch it on that besides Netflix where can i watch this because the websites i use its not on there yet

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