3 Comments to “The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch (2023) Episode 8

  1. I’m so over this Ma Ju-seok plotline. It’s getting exhausting. His villain-arc is just not convincing and I honestly much preferred Cheong Shin from Season 1. He was a true villain whose power-level made sense. Ma Ju-seok’s immediate control and understanding of his powers is illogical especially seeing as how he isn’t even fully one with his evil spirit. How is he so adept with psychokinesis, can see and manipulate territory, read memories and heal himself when he’s a new demon with only one consumed spirit under his belt? This boomerang with Gelly and Pil-hwang is also getting worn out: they fight, get overpowered and then through some plot-device, escape just to seethe in some corner all bloodied and bruised. It’s becoming old. And I will forever bemoan this point but I hate how non-romance KDramas can never allow viewers to just be happy. I understand why Ha-na erased Do-hwi’s memory, but was it necessary? If the protection of loved ones was important to their work, then So-mun and Jok-Beong should have also erased their family’s memories to save them from potentially being targeted. Also, how does erasing THAT person’s memory protect them from the evil spirit that knows who they are? It’s not like they’re erasing the evil spirit’s memory. The loved one can still be targeted. It honestly seems counter-productive and I feel like Ha-na was robbed of a true and fulfilling love. But despite this, it’s a decent second season and I look forward to seeing the upcoming episodes. Hopefully, my questions are answered and the ending surprises me!!! https://media0.giphy.com/media/xUOwGkoxib4Y9A9T9u/giphy-downsized-small.mp4

    1. Absolutely ? I totally agree with you and also I’m kinda shocked to see someone else with the same opinion I was thinking the same things and also the fact that in first season when cheong shin absorbed that one counter’s soul in first episode (I don’t remember his name) cheong shin didn’t get his powers but somehow in this season these villains as soon as they absorbed the Chinese counters’ they got their powers and we’re able to master them so quickly too another thing is that pil-hwang already had telekinesis before absorbing that counter when it was established in first season that cheong got telekinesis after reaching above lvl 3 but whatever I guess this is kinda annoying but not that bad

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