14 Comments to “The Penthouse 3: War in Life (2021) Episode 7

  1. Ok….i think It’s going well…but why shim su reyon dressed up like na ae go?what’s the motive? And why did writer made seok hoon to support his dad.. It just triggered my anger issue and. Why chon seo jin is going crazy to crazier….. Oh gosh this story is insane…i really want eun byul to remember Everything and help rona and also want seok hoon to take revenge on his dad using him….. But i really feel bad for seok kyung…she did bad ik, but she’s the one who’s abandoned right now..she tortured her sis and mom..how can she live happily when she will know that…

    Eagerly waiting for ep 8

      1. u should just stf bc clearly she/he shows interest in this drama is just commenting abt it. Plus nobody told u to read the comment u could have just ignored it, u clearly spoilt it for yourself when u chose to read it lmaoo 🙂

      2. comments were literally made to talk about your opinion ofc its gonna give spoilers you shouldve watched the episode before the comments

      3. is “it aint funny” just an add on because you had nothing to say? because nobody was laughing or saying something was funny. if you didn’t wanna spoilers you shouldn’t have read the comments before watching the episode. if you do that expect to be spoiled. you’re mad because people like talking about the show they’re watching in the shows comment section do you hear how dumb that sounds?

    1. I guess you didn’t watch it properly. She dressed as ae gyo because Yoon Hee told her to. Yoon Hee told that Ae Gyo is really cool.
      As yoon hee is dead, su ryeon wanted to listen to her as her sister

  2. Neoneun nuneuro masineun nae champagne, nae wine
    Nae tequila, margarita
    Mojito with lime
    Sweet mimosa, piña colada
    I’m drunk in you (I’m drunk in you)
    I’m drunk in you (You, you, you)

  3. by the way seok hoon is going to use his father cuz he had heard him talking with Ms.Jin about yoon hee, so he is gonna get his revenge.

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