The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 47

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6 Comments to “The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 47

  1. i hate writers for pulling thise crazy rivalery between them… i hope woojin chnages his atitude real fast.. why else he asked sujung about his mother condition and she told him that they found ehr about to give birth all banged up… woojin is a good guy but hes been manipulated too much,,, i hope he learns the truth fast

  2. I am a shareholder, so I will work hard AS IF I own I own the company, said Butt-Sniffing-Doggie to Mdm Satan. Hello! If you are a shareholder, you OWN the company, idiot! He continues to get up my arse and now he had been upgraded to my Hate of the Month. There is nothing good about him, especially for disregarding the Tenth Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Brother’s Woman.


    Grandma stated that UJ was interested in the Home Shopping business. She asked WJ to teach UJ. UJ will join the Production Team. She asked SJ to help UJ. She hoped the three of them would get along.
    She asked WJ to tell HRD, UJ will work starting tomorrow.

    UJ will greet MKH. Grandma leaves. WJ was annoyed when he looked at UJ who was smiling.
    WJ asks, SJ states she doesn’t know. SJ hopes WJ doesn’t hate UJ too much, she feels bad because they are always enemies. WJ stated that it was none of SJ’s business. SJ is allowed to go.
    WJ was very annoyed and angry.

    UJ greets MKH. He will work in the Production Team starting tomorrow. He asked that this be kept secret at work. MKH is annoyed when UJ states that he is also a shareholder, he will work as if he owns the company. He’s allowed to go.

    UJ meets WJ. WJ accused this was all UJ’s plan. WJ is annoyed when UJ states he has no idea how far Grandma will push him. UJ reminds WJ not to fight at work. UJ promises to treat WJ as he should when he starts work.

    WJ didn’t expect Grandma to take advantage of SJ. MKH said don’t blame himself. Grandma will definitely do various things to get UJ to join the company.
    MKH persuades WJ, WJ is her whole life. She will do whatever it takes to put WJ at the highest peak in the world.

    SJ is not sure that UJ will join the company. UJ chose Home Shopping because SJ likes it. SJ threatens UJ if UJ acts out, she will tell everyone how UJ got the job.

    KMY is anxious. SJ apologizes to her. SJ suggests they have dinner with UJ.
    MKH reprimands JMC. She asks JMC to think of a way so that she doesn’t meet SJ and UJ at work. JMC is very upset with MKH’s attitude. He received a message from HR.

    HR remembers the conversation she had with JMC. JMC promises to give her something she can use to bargain with MKH. HR is confused as to why JMC is approaching her. JMC stated MKH will get rid of him first if that happened. JMC stated that MKH was no match for HR, he asked HR to wait calmly.
    HR is still hesitant to trust JMC.

    KMY ate with them. Drunk KJS comes, he hugs UJ, he can’t let UJ go.
    WJ apologizes to SJ. SJ understands because it’s WJ and UJ’s problem. WJ asks, SJ states they have guests, they are celebrating her reinstatement. WJ became annoyed, he said see you tomorrow and immediately hung up the phone. SJ is confused.

    JHM greets MKH. MKH asks JHM to come upstairs.
    MKH scolds Grandma for not telling her first. She reasons it worries her and WJ.
    WJ admits that he doesn’t like UJ. He blames Grandma for separating them. He agrees to compete but he doesn’t agree to hang out and teach UJ. WJ immediately left, Grandma was annoyed, MKH was satisfied and in her heart, she was mocking Grandma.

    WJ picks up SJ. UJ goes alone. SJ doesn’t agree to go with WJ.
    HR has a stomach ache, GHY is worried. JMC waited for HR in front of the apartment, he gave the USB for negotiations with MKH. GHY is a bit relieved because JMC is helping HR.
    HR looks at the video when MKH receives bribe money. She was very satisfied.

    MCY introduces UJ to all the colleagues. UJ greets KMY. HR reprimands UJ. UJ greets HR. MCY invites UJ to go. HR is curious about who hired UJ. When they asked, SJ denied she wasn’t close to UJ.
    MCY took UJ to meet WJ. UJ greets WJ, he promises to do his best.
    MCY is confused when MKH says they met yesterday. MKH hopes that UJ will work hard for them.

    MKH was annoyed and asked JMC to immediately get rid of UJ. She was shocked when JMC stated he found out from HR that MKH made a deal with Mascado.

    SJ will visit the company they will promote. KMY has prepared the car.
    HR immediately smiled with satisfaction when MKH contacted her.
    UJ as a beginner will accompany SJ.

    HR meets MKH. She is very good at acting. She just wants to keep working here. She proposed to work for MKH.

    At the end of the episode, WJ saw UJ and SJ grabbing each other’s handkerchief. They both looked awkward. SJ immediately left. WJ meets SJ. WJ was silent when SJ asked.
    WJ pulls SJ. HR immediately hid. WJ and SJ enter WJ’s office. HR was stunned.
    SJ reminds WJ that later WJ will get into trouble with his attitude. WJ apologizes, he couldn’t help himself.
    SJ was shocked when WJ stated let’s get married quickly. He couldn’t wait any longer.
    SJ apologizes, right now she doesn’t want to marry WJ. She hated being Cinderella more than anything.
    WJ was shocked and confused. HR eavesdropped, she was stunned and finally smiled…

    Next, GHY persuaded JMC. If HR marries WJ, JMC will become father-in-law… JMC states to HR, he will make HR worthy of WJ…. KMY is confused, there is rumour about SJ and UJ on online bulletin boards…. WJ warns HR, don’t think about hurting SJ. If HR does it, he will fire HR himself…. SJ gets crushed by a box in the warehouse… HR says UJ is right for SJ, she will see to it that she quit hand-in-hand….

  4. Woo Jin is furious that Eui Ju will be joining MS Homeshopping and working closely with Su Jeong. At the same time, Kyung Hwa makes sure Woo Jin knows she intends to back him to reach the highest echelons of the company. Meanwhile, Hye Ra is wary of Myung Chul’s true motives in assisting her.

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