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One Comment to “Sweet Munchies Episode 5”

  1. seriously?
    whats wrong with koreans..
    its another drama that teaches me again – not only in RL there are rude ppl – but – they must even show it off with in dramas… wow.

    ppl say that asians, ..especially koreans,.. are very kind and with well manners and so on and so on but,…
    a tiny little damn bit , i doubt. 😀 lol
    it shows always again and again how respectles korean males are, and how bad they are to females and how rude they are most of times. they seem not even ashamed enough, to show it in dramas again and again – as if its going to make them win more prices …

    i can tell only this one thing -> if i dont want someone to go into my car,
    … then this person simple WONT get in my car.
    and if i want drive to somewhere with only these few ppl , no one would even DARE to jump like this ridiculously respectles into my car – and even if they still dare to do – it wont be without an really clear “echo” from me, ..even if i have to stand up go out of my car and pull them out myself, and kick their butt out – in the same rude way they got in.

    and when he said bla blaaa we are on same team i come with you – i already wanted jump into that screen,
    and screw him lol – but i changed my mind when he even said:
    oh im car-sick , lets change seats.
    (that made me change my mind from screw him to rather kill him directly for this much amount of being disprespectful+rude lolol)
    i mean.. to change the seats in the car of her girlfriend who dont even want him to come with them anyway, shes even older than him at that point (im sure) so wth? i mean how he DARE…
    why they are all let this happen to them and dont fight for their right… i dont get it..
    like i said.

    well, if thats my car, and i drive it and i dont want you to be in it – you wont even dare to put a feet into my car, when you meet my eyes, believe me.. i wont even say a word, and you will hurry to get out again.

    i also think everyone, out there….and especially womens should not ever let anyone treat them this bad like these guys do here.
    grrr. … and i mean not only in korea but world wide pfff. i hate such injustice and horrible stuff happening…
    it is not everyone the same way – no. – luckily.
    there are alot good ppl on earth too… (even koreans like that exists, lol i have 2 friends of the “good ones”+ i may tease them with this thing forever i guess)

    well this is only my opinion after the “view i got” on it…
    and im not like everyone else, so dont mind me saying freely whats on my mind and share my thoughts.. 😛

    well at least she could sit beside her CHEF guy lol 😀

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