SunsetxVibes: Uncut Version (2024) Episode 1

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4 Comments to “SunsetxVibes: Uncut Version (2024) Episode 1

  1. 🥰 Side couple’s enemies to lovers trope.
    😍 Nerd Sam above 👆 or foxy Sam below 👇 !?

    Ugh! Nulin’s day dream is too good to be true. But I don’t mind seeing Mos topless. 🤤 😋

    So it’s too early to speculate what Lin’s dream or nightmare is about? 💭

  2. First of all…who else loves Lin imagination. Yes I felt cheated when I was knocked back into reality, but who doesn’t appreciate this.

    So far intrigued by the first episode. They set up a lot. I am already rooting for the interns to show those arrogant designers a thing or two. The company is losing money because their designs are getting stale and these so-called designers rather than be accepting of new ideas they keep shutting down and putting down the interns. l
    Also who else enjoyed the shocked expressions of some of the board members when Sun was appointed as the new president. I guess someone thought it would be him. I see lots of company in fighting happening.
    I am slightly optimistic about this series even though I suspect we will have lots of drama and backstabbing.

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