Sponsor (2022)


Other name: 욕망 Yogmang Greed

Synopsis: A romantic thriller about four men and women striving to fulfill their desires at all costs.

Lee Sun Woo ( Lee Ji Hoon ) works as a photographer and editor for a famous magazine. He has a warm smile and a gentle personality, but his difficult past has turned him into a man obsessed with revenge.

Han Chae Rin ( Han Chae Young ) is the CEO of a cosmetics company. Despite her wealth and beauty, she is an ambitious woman and always gets what she wants.

Park Da Som ( Chi Yi Soo ) is a rising star ambitious and ready to do anything to succeed.She has a son who suffers from a rare disease and she tries her best to protect him.She is married to Hyun Seung, who  dreams of becoming a model, but reality is cruel to him.

Airs from 02/23/2022 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 23:00

Also known as: 욕망 Yogmang / Greed


Status: Ongoing

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Sponsor (2022) trailer

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