14 Comments to “So I Married an Anti-Fan (2021) Episode 16

  1. Im gonna miss them so much It’s a great show my friday and Saturday will feel empty now Choi tae joon love you and will always support you

  2. is this the ENDINNNNNNNG ????? OMG… why is so fasssssssssssttttttt………. love thier chemistry…

  3. Wah!!!
    what a drama?
    love to see each n every episode
    Simple story gorgeous everything
    love for joon & gyun yung

  4. Omg……….I love this they are so cutee together….I can’t believe this is the end….!!

  5. “Beautiful”. A sentence in itself! Thank you for helping us to believe in true love again.

    Good luck in your future endeavours.

  6. I love this drama promise, I’m feeling in love again. Lead actors had a great chemistry. Recommended this drama, had a beautiful and happy ending. Season 2 please. I love Who Joon ???

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