Our Interpreter (2024)

Our Interpreter (2024)


Other name: 我们的翻译官 / 我們的翻譯官 / Wo Men De Fan Yi Guan / The Interpreter / Наш переводчик

Synopsis: Lin Xi, who’s known as the “witch” in the translation industry, reunites with ex-boyfriend Xia Yi Cheng. Eight years ago, she broke up with him for the sake of fulfilling her mother’s wish for her to become a professional interpreter for the United Nations.
Eight years later, Lin Xi has become the youngest chief interpreter at Huasheng while her ex Xiao Yi Cheng has become the chief technology officer of a communications company, which also makes him her potential client.
In order to land a contract with Xiao Yi Cheng, Lin Xi has no choice but to keep dealing with him. She helps his company go public, and even though it seems that Xiao Yi Cheng is out to get revenge on Lin Xi, he actually doesn’t have the heart to be mean to her. Work rekindles their passionate relationship, and Xiao Yi Cheng gradually comes to understand the reason she broke up with him. Together, they work hard to realize their dream of “speaking for the country”.
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Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Status: Completed

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4 Comments to “Our Interpreter (2024)

  1. This sounds an awful lot like Yang Mi’s Les Interpretes as well as Negotiator. ?
    I do love both Yang Mi and Victoria Song, so I guess I’ll watch it anyways.

  2. point is not the break up, it’s fine. it sets up the conflict of this drama.

    It’s how it’s resolved.

    All dramas where the ML breaks up, it’s the ML crawling back for another chance & it makes sense since he is the one who broke up.

    In this one, the FL breaks up and it’s the ML doing the crawling back with FL barely acknowledging him. Why is the ML crawling back after being dumped by the FL? Did he wrong her in anyway? It’s her that’s wronged him and she is making a move to make up for it.
    The story and characters don’t make sense.

  3. I love the humor and comedic timing of My boss and the actress matches perfectly there in her newbie roles, I had watched her other dramas like love is Panacea and she is completely different there.

  4. Does anyone recognize the device Lin Xi was using for notetaking during the meeting with Dept. 3?

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