One Boat One World (2021)


Other name: 海洋之城 Hai Yang Zhi Cheng


It is about life aboard a cruise ship and how it is a community of its own with over 6,000 tourist and staff members. It tells the story of chief officer Ding Kai and how he meets tour guide, Tian Yue. Along the way, they encounter challenges in work and in love.

Also known as: 海洋之城 Hai Yang Zhi Cheng


Status: Completed

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One Boat One World (2021) full episodes

6 Comments to “One Boat One World (2021)

  1. I want to watch it but failed to attempt it. If I could understand it I will definitely going to watch it. Please give us a chance to appreciate it. Thank you

  2. I feel it’s a good movie but can’t understand their language. I really want to watch Zhang Han’s series. Please English subtitle.

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