Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 65

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4 Comments to “Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 65

  1. keep seo jun as the only good warm hearted man in this drama…the rest are all selfish. MH,JY they all selfish and do not care for him….

  2. Seo Jun is the best , kind hearted human in this drama…keep it that way, for the moral story.

  3. TP and YJ cause MW death. their selfishness not to tell SJ the truth about YURA let her continue her evilness. Now the MW dad is back good for him…revenge his son death.

  4. SJ is the only kind soul and is always there for YJ, she dont deserve him…find him a better women.
    TP and JY is responsible for MW death and glad that MW father is back to get revenge on Yura.

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