LTNS (2024)

LTNS (2024)


Other name: LTNS (Long Time No Sex) / Long Time No Sex / Давно без секса / لفترة طويلة لا جنس

Synopsis: Woo-jin and Samuel are an aged couple, both mentally and physically, whose days of passionate love and desire for each other have faded. Through a series of coincidences, they become part of a blackmail team that specializes in exposing unfaithful couples, giving them a chance to revitalize their relationship. The series will air on Fridays and contains six episodes with a 45-minute runtime. It carries a rating of 18+ for its depiction of violence and profanity.


Status: Completed

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  1. did MDL change the clock countdown to fit into the area the user lives? anyway finally todayyyy

  2. I just hope after they’ve blackmailed them they tell their partner so they can break up with them

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