Lost You Forever Season 2 (2024) Episode 8

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7 Comments to “Lost You Forever Season 2 (2024) Episode 8

  1. Omg, she’s cutting her wrists over and over to save her man?! The writer really hates the FL. Yasss, Xiaoyao needs to handle those two, can’t wait! Poor Jing, being the pawn. His biggest strength and weakness is how soft he is T.T I thought that consort was soft too but love that she stuck it to Xin Yue <3

  2. let me get this s8 her cuz/brother wants to wage war on her father? HOW is that going to work and why the father also raised him so what is going on?

  3. I announce king of Haoling as the THE BEST FATHER AND THE BEST KING!

    I was screaming when he said ” your father is a formidable king. her daughter gets to be reckless. The support Xiaoyao gets from his father is really something out of this world.

    and when he said he can wipe out Fenglongclan and kidnap Tushan jing if she wants…He is the BEST!!

  4. Yaoyao is now ready for action and knows who is again trying to kill T Jing. This brother is evil and she has plans to get into him….lets see how she will work out–“Interesting!!”

  5. all the leads are so cute here. it’s almost touching when cang xuan was spending bonding time with her. if only cang xuan hadn’t fallen for her, they could’ve had a sweet, innocent, familial relationship. she’s back to making ridiculous requests to jing hahaha. also, jing’s friend is funny; i wish he’d shown up much earlier in the story. xuan sneakily removed jing’s flower from her head and later replaced it with his own. how great would it be if xiang liu could join the squad? i’m convinced his political position causes him more harm than good; it’s the root of all his problems. now i’m pissed off.

    our female lead is getting crafty—dangerous, but interesting

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