Doctor Slump (2024)


Other name: 닥터슬럼프 / 닥터 슬럼프 / 低谷医生 / Dakteoseulleompeu / Dr. Slump / Доктор Крах / ركود الطبيب

Synopsis: Yeo Jeong Woo is a renowned plastic surgeon who once placed first in academics while studying at the top medical school in the country. After a mysterious medical accident, his life is pushed to the edge. At this time, he meets Nam Ha Neul, a rival from his past. Ha Neul works as an anesthesiologist and is known as a genius due to her extreme intelligence. She is focused solely on work and studying, leaving no time for fun. When she decides she wants to make a change, she meets Jeong Woo in one of the worst moments of her life. The two comfort each other and eventually, a romantic relationship blossoms between them.


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  1. I think the drama will focus in their personal lives and not in their careers. Maybe they will show them at the hospital in some scenes, but the hospital will not be the focus.

  2. Can’t wait for Doctor Slump to cure Hyung-sikness. Not too keen for Shin Hye but Hyung-sik is good enough reason to be watching this one.

    Queen Shin Hye & her vitamin Hyung Sik, come heal my heart, quick! :’)

  4. Right !!! Korean directors are so blind he deserves more than a second lead role, also Kwak dong yeon 😭

  5. The trailer told me the entire story lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    It’s gonna be so SO GOOOOOOOD I KNOW IT

  6. Camping right here for the next 8 weeks……hope it’s a good one💜 these days I get scared for 16 episodes kdramas

  7. I think I wasn’t clear with my explanation. I meant the fact that they were top performers SINCE YOUNG already top of class vs people taking longer and harder road. It doesn’t mean that they are lazy people, just priviliged to being able to be needing to be less hardworking than people with less genetical luck. These characters are abit too much Mary Sue for my taste, I prefer more struggling characters. They are privileged with high IQ, the fact is everything comes much easier to them, naturally mental struggles will burden them more when older because they’ve had less when growing up than their lower IQ peers.

    “Fun” fact, people who struggle financially also struggle mentally, so ontop of mental struggles that they share with high perfomers, there’s ALSO the finacial burdens, leading to even more mental Struggles. People with always high performance since you cannot compare to those who Struggled more to make things work. (saying this is someoen who has been on both side sof struggling/not struggling financially and depression anxfiety experience. It’s FAR more mentalky distressing to struggle financially, than having a good livelihood/not having to worry if you’ll even get to stay alive and get food! vs any other mental struggle )

  8. I just noticed the time set for each episode – no wonder it looks too long.

    Both aired episodes are about one hour long, with some OP/ED, so barely that. As for 16 eps, that’s the regular number of eps for a kdrama.

    Worth watching? Well… we’ll have to see. Too early to tell. There’s eyecandy though.

  9. playing childish & petty characters truly Park Hyung Sik’s fortes. he nailed it and i like that, both Park Shin Hye and PHS seems fit in the role of highschool students despite their ages.

    love the crying scenes at episode 2 (i cried with them too, the comedic part here and there not overly done, which is a good relief). im loving their chaotic relationship already, cant waittt for more.

  10. I don’t know how pitiable two Dr characters who already are privileged with high academic performance & high IQ since young, top skill and career above most people, just going through a temporary slump (vs people actually struggling to make ends meet)

    ….so uncertain if I should watch this drama. 🤔

    Do the characters come across a spoiled/high-privileged people who are not used to struggle, so immediately fall apart over smallest struggle??
    Or are their concerns real concerns not easily overcome by people used to struggling??

  11. I agree, I like his playful side, however, I think that for a 30+ year old character his behaviour is childish.

  12. Thank god I’m not too late. Just binged all four episodes and I’m loving it so far!!

  13. Hyun Sik to rom-coms is what BTS to KPop – LEGENDARY. Whole drunk scene at the end of Ep7 was so GOOD. THAT ICECREAM CHANT will melt your heart.

  14. It ia sad to learn of Jeong Woo’s lack of parental love and concern since young.

    Now that he is cleared of legal issues, he should be able to reopen his clinic and hire Hanuel as his anaesthetist.
    But we are only at episode 7. 😄
    Maybe not yet but it will pan out in this way. 🥰
    Kyungmin? Is he the villain or not?

  15. For the record, I am not her fan. This is the first drama I am watching with her.

    I beg to disagree that she is a bad actress. I think she is doing fine with the role she has.
    But, I don’t think there is big demand placed on either of the leads. This drama is lighthearted, and most of the time they are goofing around. I mean, how hard is it to act playing in an arcade? lol
    In the more serious scenes I thought she is fine. Nothing special like Shin hye Sun, or Park Eun Bin for example, but not bad either.
    …also she is very beautiful lol. I know this is very shallow, but it never hurts to be that gorgeous lol.

    However, acting skills evaluation is very subjective. Other might think she is very good actress, and I am afraid there is no equation to prove whether someone is good or bad actor.
    Also, popularity and good acting, no matter where, don’t always go together, and one doesn’t always lead to the other.

  16. No way. Our protagonists are better than that! Since they were both already at their bottom of their slumps when they got together, there is no point to one of them breaking it off to “protect the other.”

  17. Uhm can we not talk bot drinking and talk bout how off the charts is the main leads chemi<3. This is what happens when great actors are in one drama,: Magic

  18. It usually releases about an hour to an hour and a half after the airing time. For example. Where I’m at, it airs at 8:30 for me, but I have to wait until 9:30 or 10 until I’m able to watch it.

  19. I really liked that they didn’t drag out the case, and Bin Daeyoung dude is too wholesome. I hope things for them will only be uphill from now on; let’s go full rehabilitation/healing mode!

  20. Except the moslem countries, alcohol came first when one feels down… but the scale of down that both ml and fl were experiencing were realy top of the chart… alcohol come as a celebration, a condolation, a way to courage one self, its a culture… excessive drinking is bad, i wont deny this fact…
    Get over it, its a legal drugs… dont discuss alcohol use no more…

  21. I just love their chemistry… They are so considerate of eachother. Thank God they did not make a cheesy romance drama. I can’t handle those. They are extremely mature and funny at the same time. I love hyungsik so much. He is such a wonderful actor.

  22. I hate that trope, I drop many dramas because that annoys me the most of all. Probably persevere with this one they are so cute 🥰 together

  23. only 7 min in ep 7 and I feel bad for ML. His family is trash, they don’t care about him, he’s lonely. Not the exact words, but when he said like that he wanted a family that cares for him, believe him… he will finally find this with FL’s family for sure. Can’t wait for him to be truly happy (FL too, they both suffered enough). I think today we’ll have a scene of him eating with her family and her❤️

  24. I think he had something goin on with Ha Neul, because she looked somekind of strange at him 🤔

  25. Today’s episode was pure perfection!! I was giggling, smiling and kicking my feet like an idiot!!

  26. The case was solved quickly , i am from Macau..which made it fun anyways
    The strange friend of the ML that’s suspicious, i guess the coming problems will have him as the source
    When a 30 something couple act like kindergarden kids when holding hands , it’s always a mix of awkward and silly …let’s see how they evolve and heal as a couple

    reminds me a bit of that bradley cooper/jennifer lawrence movie, where theyre both clinically depressed

  27. so the case is fully over now? if yes i’m glad it is. thank god they didn’t stretched it til ep 16

  28. ml is such a cutie, i love him, i also love how both leads are supporting each other ❤️❤️

  29. Me too! I love how they really express their feeling to each other. Sweet How she really wanted to be there for him during his hard time. The actors seem very natural with each other

  30. It’s more like cultural thing to them, you mostly see a lot of that on kdramas regardless of what they’re going through happy, sad and etc.

  31. Lots of parallel plot lines are intertwined. Some are troubling, while others are healing. There remains at least one ongoing mystery and several situations which continue to deserve attention but some important questions have already been resolved. All of this makes for a compelling and satisfying drama for my tastes.

  32. it is the core of their job so they will forget their real selves as who they are in the real world and give their best to portray the right characters of the drama to make the watchers clinging more with the greatest chemistry they should present😂🔫🤣 park shin hye’s husband should be cool I think, otherwise she wouldn’t continuing her career as an actress, let’s say his role including a kiss so will he objecting it cause he is married?!?! I don’t think so🤔🤔🤔

  33. Oh!!! I have been to South Korea twice… once on business and second on leisure so I know how it is there…… Though the society is mostly homogeneous but still I felt younger generation were welcoming so I liked it. BTW, This is where I first tried Soju…… About the media stirring things, yeah!!! I agree…. Especially the entertainment media…they just use this news to cover-up a bigger scandal…..

  34. I think it’s much much easier than e.g. kiss a lady who 20 years older (when Do Hyun did it I feel very uncomfortable…)

  35. I was trying to offer another pov on their drinking problem, but I do agree that they drink a lot in kdramas rn and that also really frustrates me. This problem also kinda reminds me of the critiques for a lot of American shows with the unnecessary amount of sex..

  36. After fresh chili pepper soju sounds really like just nothing))) Ha Neul is well trained girl… uff

  37. So happy to see a massive jump in ratings. 3%! Such good acting and chemistry from the casts. One thing though, I noticed that in almost every drama pages in mdl, we have silly haters who continuously watches a show they hate just to come to mdl every week to tell others they hate the show over and over again. Of course they term it “criticism, freedom of speech yada Yada”. It really feels like mdl is for those aged 12 and below because of how immature some of the commentators are. Like I mean, which mature or sane person would watch a drama they hate for 10 episodes straight? Lol.

  38. He probably did need surgery. I just had a lipoma removed a month ago that was half the size of his so the size depicted any sane doctor would advise to remove it. It’s not cosmetic surgery per say but it can be done by cosmetic surgeons

  39. been on a break because of exams, ik ep 9&10 came out this week but i’m still catching up on 5&6 lmaoo, lovingggg it so farrrr <3

  40. Talk about handling and fixing breakups, rarely I see dramas where the leads do the right thing by talking it out instead of dragging it unnecessarily and just hurting themselves even more. This drama has been one heartwarming journey.

    E10 is gonna be quite satisfactory to watch

  41. i heard about that town where cola is cheaper, and for sure i am with you, i hate excessive drinking or when people can’t have fun without it, and it is a huge problem in Korea but nothing changes because of the culture behind it and social reasons (for ex you cant (shouldn’t) turn down a drink from someone older and/or in a higher position than you) i think people need to understand this or at least take this into consideration

  42. The ending of episode 9 is just so awesome. I love the soundtrack by seulgi too. Totally suits the mood.

  43. I know Lee Hong Ran’s blabber mouth is there to bring the story forward with her meddling everywhere, but gosh… I hate her loose mouth so much! She can’t keep anything to herself. She’s so insensitive. I honestly can’t stand her character. And it’s getting pretty repetitive… even in the preview for tomorrow. The writers could honestly do better to bring information to the leads. But it’s always them hearing from her or eaves-dropping her conversations.

    I also dislike Ba Da’s wannabe comedy relief character. I could just do well without them… Just want to skip their scenes.

  44. I see a lot of improvement here MDL_ers in the kissing department 😘☺️👍👌👌

  45. People who are worried about PSH’s kiss scene don’t have to worry much now . Her kiss with hyunbin in memories of Alhambra was not bad at all and even if she didn’t respond very intimately,it was subtle and that was enough. I think that because of PHS, the kiss will turn out better than we are worried about . She is also married and definitely would’ve matured more and her character is also mature as well so I think it’ll be good . Fingers crossed 🤞

  46. well its called dr slump so the drinking is probably because there supposed to be at rock bottom and werent working or taking patients until this episode

  47. what bs is refusing surgery to not burden a student of years from years ago… there’s literally zero correlation.

  48. You know what amazes me…… Koreans are among the top literates in the world…. They are super educated….but those people loose their shit is an idol/ actor is dating….we have seen this over and again….they go as far as boycotting that actor or attack the person he is dating…. They file petition to cancel the show if they think the drama is problematic ( snow drop, Joseon exorcist)…..but ironically they are fine or enjoy the dramas where excessive drinking is involved. Infidelity dramas get highest ratings ever….. Very strange country

  49. 😂😂😂😂 i was screaming at the scene, PSH has FINALLY delivered. Am re-watching (un-healthy times) to forget her kiss scenes in her past dramas.

  50. I don’t understand this comment at all, yes 2016 has been a much better year than 2023, but by then we reached the “modern” era. It may be 7-8 years ago, but nothing much changed since then in terms of production and writing.

    In fact I would argue that if we are nitpicking, then maybe 2019- 2020 has been the “healing drama” period.

  51. The trusfrated Hyung Sik genre is just 🔥. Hope they address the alcohol related criticism Coz it’s ruining the show.

  52. omg she has a husband since 2022 i can’t watch it aaaaa ep 10 they gonna kiss each other i’ts to heavy for me i’m too sensitive aaaaa

  53. She should be an example – it’s absolutely fine to get married at yours 20+ and continue the career. Nothing wrong with the kissing, it’s just a scene.

  54. because when he arrived at the hospital he overheard about his trauma! he didn’t want to put pressure on him after that as it would make him feel worse as his old teacher came for help and perhaps couldn’t have helped him.

  55. I love love loveeeee this drama so much .
    every episode makes me feel all the emotions at once , I can’t wait for episode 10 tomorrow the preview looks soooo good I’m excited . 🤭🤭🤭

  56. There never was, basically both of them seems. like in their first relationship and both of them are so comfortable with each other. there is one small cameo from one actress though

  57. yeah sometimes i laugh and sometimes i just want him to stop! people who are like that all the time are too much and you wonder who the heck they really are and why do they always have to be so “funny” and extra

  58. this doesn’t seem like a steamy romance kind of drama but kdramas have been stepping up their game in that regard so who knows.

  59. you have to remember this is exaggerated, it isn’t everybody and its mostly tabloids and bots that are stirring things up because it sells, also its not just Koreans it world worldwide crazy fans/anti-fans who also do things like this. because of how popular Korea is these days people on social media just spread this very simple and one-sided view of the country and its people, its no secret what people think of Americans but I’m sure many if not most Americans hate such view the rest of the world has of them …….

  60. but! I was thinking about it yesterday – choosing between “classic Korean toilet humor” and drinking alcohol – I’m fine with the second one! just please do not come back to the toilets…. just big NO

  61. That one song (which I want to call Haneul’s theme) is so reminiscent of that song from My Mister.

  62. There is reason why most medical dramas are about heart/neuro surgeons or diagnosing stuff, they are too smart and studied too much to be fixing people faces or administer the right dose of drug to sleep trough the procedure. Like she loves medical studies and is kind of antisocial she could have been Dr.House light

  63. Long since a romcom made me swoon over! A breath of fresh air in bw all the repetitive plots. This is helping me get over the Kdrama Slump I’m going through.

  64. I haven’t been able to watch the episode yet but I saw the preview. If the kiss does happen tomorrow…PSH, please don’t disappoint me.

  65. Yes, that’s why I’m not complaining about this particular drama, it looks like the trend now…. unfortunately…. I didn’t like it in Samdali as well…

  66. Watching their dramas it feels like they just got to freely sold alcohol recently and are happily swimming in it without a care in the world. As a person from the western world this blatant alcoholism promotion is alien to me, here people are painfully aware of this addiction and health problems related to it, and nobody promotes it in the media nowadays as some kind of innocent fun like Koreans are. Did they use these stupid jokes about wasted FLs 10-20 years ago? I don’t recall seeing such heavy drinking in earlier kdramas.

  67. drinking is huge in Korea! they can drink many nights a week, i feel like all these people complaining have no idea about the drinking culture in Korea, they don’t see it as a problem. some people don’t mind the taste of soju doesn’t mean they arent sane

  68. Using the FL’s friend to transfer EVERY SINGLE piece of information between the leads and blaming it on her “lose tongue” is just lazy writing

  69. goodness ……. I felt i complained enough about the drama so i left out Ba Da lol but gosh…… i’ve had enough of him, sometimes he makes me laugh but someone needs to get a grip on him, why is he like that all the time lol tho i have to say i just saw this is only his second drama! he is good at what he does, even if it is at being annoying lol

  70. the yellow light will help anyway) I don’t have big expectations, taking into consideration the genre

  71. That’s the biggest problem, normalizing excessive drinking.

    Any young person watching this would be going away with the thought that this kind of drinking is normal and ok.

    While dramas need not be medium for messaging, what is happening here is opposite, a very direct normalization of excessive drinking – which is worse than messaging.

  72. I don’t particularly love the messaging of getting over your trauma for someone else. Your girlfriend shouldn’t be your psychiatrist. But it’s a very small gripe and I get the point of the sentiment within the romcom genre (they heal each other, it’s meant to be swoony, etc. etc. They get bonus points for actually having characters receive therapy). That aside though this drama is my happy place right now. My mom died a few months ago and it’s been a struggle, somehow this drama makes me feel less alone in that. Tomorrow’s episode looks fantastic!

  73. I couldn’t agree more this is the closest thing to what kdramas used to look like when I initially got hooked with the early dramas. The ones produced from recent years are just straight up boring and lacked that unique Kdrama mark. I’m happy to know this has it though and I hope it continues.

  74. A lot of heart warming moments. I’m a sap so I cried a lot. I enjoyed it. I love this drama.

  75. to drink like this. alcoholism is also a disease, it shouldn’t be promoted, and also this is an international app, maybe for Koreans it’s ok, but for me, someone outside of Korea, it’s not, and i don’t want to look at it at something normal, just because it’s normal in a country, which shouldn’t be

  76. A rational person with critical thinking skills isn’t going to watch a work of fiction and emulate it. Most people watching this show recognize that the portrayal of alcohol in the drama is merely a part of Korean culture and a popular drama trope. Should you mix the two in reality? No. Did the drama care about adding that PSA, no.

  77. yeah, let’s normalize getting drunk until you pass out. especially in a drama that talks about mental health. this is the only drama I’ve complained about the amount of alcohol they consume, cause it’s really too much. especially for the type of drama it is. taking medication and washing it down with alcohol is not ok at all

  78. I cried today watching the mother and daughter moment. this drama really is a warm hug

  79. Lol take a shot everytime someone on this site complains about alcohol in kdramas like it hasn’t been a significant plot device in dramas for years.

  80. maybe, but getting drunk almost everyday and to the point where you’re not even able to walk home by yourself shouldn’t be portrayed in a drama that is talking about mental health and trying to heal yourself. alcoholism is also a disease but they seem to not get or know that.

  81. Then don’t watch it if the amount of alcohol bothers you. It sounds like a you problem tbqh

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