23.5 (2024)


Other name: 23.5 องศาที่โลกเอียง / 23point5 / 23.5 Degree the World Incline

Synopsis: “Ongsa, a solitary individual, becomes instantly infatuated with the popular Sun. In an attempt to avoid potential rejection, she adopts a fake identity as “Earth” and approaches Sun. As Sun’s interest in Earth grows and romantic feelings develop, Ongsa must decide whether to reveal her true self to Sun.”


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

23.5 (2024) trailer

61 Comments to “23.5 (2024)

  1. Looks like we’re not getting anything today…. I should be used to it by now but I’m not (# ̄З ̄)

  2. We got the Blank trailer today and not the one we wanted (aka 23.5). It also looks like that series will unfortunately be premiering before 23.5 as well?

  3. confirmed its march, just not sure fri, sat or sun, but i bet its fri, as sat and sun maybe reserved for fully booked

  4. I’m going to eat concrete what is going on why do I have trust issues because of a show

  5. special ep is where they’ll talk about the project, the whole process of the series, their characters etc. basically an introduction to 23.5. it’s not the special episode after the series you think

  6. 23.5 is taking friday slot with special episode this march 1st, LET’S CHEER

  7. wait but what’s the special ep ? Isn’t it more logical to have one after the series end ?

  8. Ep 0 is sure gonna air on youtube and we don’t know about other episodes yet..we’ll know i guess

  9. why aren’t more people reacting to 23point final trailer? I mean my fav reactors already did the reaction but I hope more people react to that too.

  10. yeah, but the 23.5 account still hasn’t changed the pfp and header yet ? Are they waiting for another poster ?

  11. me too, i’ve never watched behind the scenes but i will do it for my milklove and viewjune

  12. right?? but at least now we know exactly when it’s coming and don’t have to speculate anymore lol

  13. Love: I like it so much because my previous dramas are with Male casts but this is the first time every is female I felt like I’ve been back to my high school like I help everyone like girl power.

  14. she wants to air like always film with full of male casts it will be so much hard for her because no matter how kind and funny they are but we never feel the comfort we feel with our mom, sister, best friend, gf every Female make us comfort and Love gone to all girls school for 13 years like definitely she feel uncomfortable with males it’s a fact

  15. i hope nida/bambam are a thing! watching the special episode, i couldn’t stop shipping them.

  16. well after date came out every hour feels like a day well I’m studying too and lords mobile game can keep me entertain until 8th March

  17. If you guys can’t see it here then just watch it on YouTube, until it actually uploads on kissasia.

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