The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 16

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2 Comments to “The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 16

  1. The Golden Spoon was a wonderful kdrama The story is itself very unique than most of the kdramas The cast did a great job I hope to see more of their work Sayonara ?❤ The Golden Spoon ❤

  2. wow, this was the only kdrama in a VERY long time that actually had me INVESTED. This was a very very good drama, but WHAT kind of ending was that? I knew there was no way he would’ve drank that orange juice, I guess it was somewhat smart of him to switch but why??? He should’ve just not drank it and then left. I’m not satisfied with that at all lowkey but it sucks that the step mom has to be in charge of the household… I wish there was at least one more episode to clear up some things. It felt rushed, and I knew the sister and the bodyguard guy was gonna end up but seriously they should’ve made one more episode to sum everything up and maybe make it where seungcheon is the heir and lead of the house and dosin group, now he’s switched with someone random and taeyong’s body is dead and the real taeyong is in seungcheon’s body??? It’s just so many issues, but I guess all it matters is that Seungcheon finally ended up with his true love. Still wish the ending was better. Overall, I give this kdrama 9/10, but 10/10 if ending was better

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