Individual Circumstances (2023)


Ha Yeon Woo was once the toast of Chungmuro – Seoul, South Korea’s answer to America’s Hollywood. As a maverick young movie director, his debut film was a massive hit for both filmgoers and critics alike. But after this auspicious start, he fell into a lengthy slump. He is now listless and unsure if he is really cut out to be a top movie director after all.

One day, he meets Sung Woo Jae, a famous fiction writer who he once knew – but has not spoken to for some time. Sung Woo Jae also has demons, however. His first love ended in sadness, and he took solace in his writing, eventually going on to become a prolific web-based novel author. Their meeting ignites a passionate romance that burns as bright as the flames of war. Will this relationship heal Sung Woo Jae’s wounds – and lift Ha Yeon Woo out of his slump?

Director: Kim Jin Yeol [김진열]

Also known as: 각자의사정 Each other’s Circumstances


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

Starring: , ,

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