Duty After School: Part 2 (2023) Episode 4

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17 Comments to “Duty After School: Part 2 (2023) Episode 4

  1. I think they are trying give us both sad and happy ending even it is an imaginary scenario but this kdrama was a banger I felt sad for their deaths and at the end they gave us a deep message about friends but i loved this kdrama a lot I hope to see more of their work BYE BYE AND SAYONARA ?DUTY AFTER SCHOOL ??

  2. This drama is soo good but the ending have to be the worse ending I have ever seen in a kdrama and I have watched hundreds of them. Sigh but this group of friends should do another drama with good ending! The message behind it is so important. It’s about how Korea pushes the high schoolers to their limits and

  3. its a good ending though , its up to the audience to decide the ending wether its sad or good ends

  4. The message from this kdrama is that not aliens or monsters who destroy the earth, human r, humans is the worse living monster on earth

  5. guys there is gonna be a part 3 . The ending isn’t always going to be a happy one. this showed us how humans can become the real monsters of the story

  6. the message behind the show is great but not in real life..if you choose frens,put frens first u will be just left alone in the end when all others choose money and better life ,career and leave you behind..Very lately i have realised this in my life
    so all this is great to watch in a drama but coming to reality everyone is just selfish..there wont be a single person that will give value to you as much as you gave them..So my advise to students is that,better study well ,make ur own career or watever you want to do while becoming independent,dont get emotionally attached to anyone….Noone should be able to make you sad
    because the same friend or partner who said they will always be with you or cant live without you will eventually leave never even turning back ever.

  7. Ending felt rushed, there is no presence of the second commander, felt like the production was having some internal conflicts to finish this drama. Overall the drama was 9 out of 10 but the ending felt empty.

  8. i dont understand the ending at all. this kdrama had so many plot twists that i was able to comprehend but this ending?? it showed kimchi waking up from a dream then suddenly everyone was dead and he didnt want to go to college then they all were graduating then suddenly happy scenes ??? i rlly loved this kdrama but i would have appreciated some more understandable and not rushed ending.

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