Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) Episode 32

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10 Comments to “Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) Episode 32

  1. Please get FL out of the those ugly clothes. Just because she playing a country bumpkin don’t mean they have dress her this way.

  2. maybe i missed it, but can someone explain to me why the people who know the FL is DR are still letting her act? like, they have to know this can only end badly FOR ALL OF THEM, right? as soon as that first episode airs, people are gonna recognize her. and she’ll get accused of faking her own death, or trying to revive her career, or some other sh*t — on top of bringing up her past “scandals”. i get that she wants to act and her mom is the deity of leeches, but c’mon! it’s like staring at a timebomb, waiting for it to blow up on your face.

  3. It’s crazy that no one thought to make sure that man is actually family. Especially that meddling aunt. I figured since the start since it started with the father having just died and she insisting on her “place” now that he’s gone she was lying about her son. Because there was no other way to make PS an heir. Now I want to know who finds out first those two idiots have no claim on anything. Probably that meddling aunt, but she’ll end up in the hospital.

    I just really hope they both end up broke and kicked out, not forgiven like drama’s love to do in the end.

  4. and then again…. back to square 1.
    as usual, her mother will sell her again because of debt

  5. that new male character? who is he??!!?!??! i feel like hes gonna be important to the plot.. the picture they showed us was young aekyo, jindan’s mother… omg what if jindan is his son and not the ceo’s father

  6. iamgine a plot twist where he already knew she had a babay before and she gave that baby up.. since only her mother knew the secret.. maybe she did told gong ceo

  7. he luvs her so much but instead of telling him the truth about something that happened before she even met him.. she decided to hurt him and wants a divorce and also to take mari with her? why she being so selfish

  8. This woman has a nice husband n she should’ve confronted him long back n made him understand or beg forgiveness. This z too cruel on someone who z literally out there reconciling frndz coz he couldn’t bear to see his wife suffer. Mari always speaks wise words. Wt a poor little thing 🥹🥹🥹!!! She z my fvrt character after Jd 😂. I like the relationship bw mari n ps.

    Looks like jd might not be related to that family 😂 but i don’t want him to become poor. Rich suits on him. He should be rich sassy dashing n funny just like now.

    I’ll give a brownie points fr wishy washy granny fr doting on my Mari.

  9. The grandma stole the show in this episode. She is acting as a matchmaker between PS and DR. The actress is doing amazing job for her age: 80.
    JD looks always dashing, especially in this turquoise outfit. He needs some vision correction to stop seeing DR in TH and JY. TH looked not so beautiful in the wedding dress compared to DR’s wedding dress.
    DR’s mother seems to have again some gambling issues and the loan sharks are on to her.
    The only way for DR to get her memory back is to relive her past which is about to repeat….
    JD’s mother found PS’s picture as a baby in SY’s jewellery box and asked PS’s mother for confirmation. Next week’s episode will be focused on the PS’s birth secret and how SY’s family will react. Nothing can be kept secret, the reveal is just delayed in time….

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