The Witch’s Game (2022) Episode 83

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One Comment to “The Witch’s Game (2022) Episode 83”

  1. Sun jung takes the hallucinogen; goes up mayb 5 flights of stairs to the roof; she jumps off a ledge to her eventual death in front of in ha and hye soo; they go down to sun jung; she reaches up so in ha can get one last hand touch before dying; ji ho is there watching and says “leave comfortably older mother”. GEEZ

    Writer is lee doh-hyun. RESPECT. This has become by far my fav drama.

    Ever since the BALLER way he had hyun duk bring back ji ho, haven’t seen this level of CRAZY before. Topped off by what he had sun jung do ? how do u come up with that stuff? WOW NEXT LEVEL!

    If there r other dramas at this level of crazy, please make recommendations

    Have never seen multi sided secretaries like this either ? kind of annoying

    But this is prob his way of ensuring hye soo won’t leave in ha/they will get married. Hahn-byul will magically approve of uncle being her dad soon. Kind of annoying cuz doesn’t make sense ?

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