The Witch’s Game (2022) Episode 101

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One Comment to “The Witch’s Game (2022) Episode 101”

  1. Obviously the “bad guys” are going to b arrogant but lot of arrogance from the “good guys” this episode.
    -hello? obviously revealing a guy can’t gave kids would harm his reputation. Excusing it to “restore” chunha groups reputation? Ha. And how would a fake son know how his “dad” would feel about that? The irony tho. A fake son wanting to take out another fake son. And a person that created a fake son wanting to take out that fake son.
    -hye soo 2. Ordering someone to be killed and killing someone are different things. And picture of psilocybin isn’t proof that ji ho killed sun jung. You come to your senses and get ur facts straight girl 😂 the problem with her argument is that ji ho is one of many monsters. Even hye soo and in ha r cuz u become one once u decide to get revenge. Obviously there r levels to it 🤣 but its not as if the “good guys” r all angels and the “bad guys” r all devils. Ji ho, sae yung, hyun duk, yoo gyung, bum suk, sung jae, and hee yung all need to go to jail. Is that going to happen? That’d b nice 😄

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