Soundtrack #1 (2022) Episode 4

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12 Comments to “Soundtrack #1 (2022) Episode 4

  1. Wow!! No words…. Just in 4 episodes they have shown a lifetime of love. Fantastic. Park Hyungsik<3

  2. you have got to be joking episode 4 is the last episode???????? but damn i loved it all
    it was deep and perfect and damn PARK HYUN SIK IS SOOO DAMN HNDSOME…LIKE FOR WHATTT????????

  3. loved this, the scenes was so engaging, truly loved this, 100% will watch this when i’ll feel lonely.

  4. when i saw the ep 3 .. it remind of my unrequited love didnt work out ..we were just friends for 7 years ,.and thats it ..gotta say ,its one sided love

  5. Awesome. I love it… they wonderfully describe the patience and the real love in this short series and also this really took my heart ?.

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