Soundtrack #1 (2022) Episode 1

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7 Comments to “Soundtrack #1 (2022) Episode 1

  1. i’m going crazy tooooo HE IS SOOO DAMN HANDSOME!!! WHYYYYY?????

    honestly speaking though in nevertheless the way the character build her up it was annoying and i hated it but the way this character is making her damn i prefer this one sooo much

    and pls park hyunsik we are still waiting for strong women do bong soon part 2!!

  2. i am currently watching f4: Thailand, twenty-five twenty-nine, business proposal all are on going drama. i so want to start this but i dont have the that much to wait every week for episode. just kill me

    1. yaaah! just watch this and be on the cliffhanger train with us, lol
      i’m also watching twenty-five twenty-“one” not nine, business proposal, and currently also re-watching What’s wrong with secretary Kim, just soo love this lighthearted RomCom Dramas.. top of my lists as of 2022.

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