Wonderful World (2024)


Other name: 원더풀 월드 / 美好世界 / Wondeopul Woldeu / Чудесный мир

Synopsis: ‘Wonderful World’ is a dramatic story of love, revenge, and redemption. The main character, Park Ha Na, is a grieving mother seeking justice for her son’s tragic loss. Despite the perpetrator being forgiven by the law, Park Ha Na is determined to hold them accountable. Along the way, she meets a mysterious medical student in his early 20s who is willing to risk everything, even his own life, to protect her. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey filled with love and the pursuit of redemption. With 14 episodes, the stakes are high and the consequences are dire.


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71 Comments to “Wonderful World (2024)

  1. There are people who are worried if there will be romance between the male lead and the female lead, I am worried if he can be a good co-star for Kim Nam Joo, she has won so many awards for her acting including Daesang, I hope this kdrama will be very good and successful

  2. Excited to see this one – already spotted many of my favorites in the cast: Eun Woo, Park Hyuk Kwon being main ones. Have not seen Kim Nam Joo’s work before, but can already sense she’s good.

  3. Finally something new for EW. Got tired of seeing the same expression on his face in every romcom.

  4. Watched teaser. And damn it looks good.
    Fmc is pretty hot (and that’s what I’m talking about, all these haters are judging her based on her age but in reality she’s still quite pretty despite her age.) and mc is handsome as ever.
    Now give me lots of romantic scenes.
    Hope they don’t cut great or kissing scenes bcoz of all those butthurt minority older woman/younger guy relationship haters.

  5. Funny how there are so many age gap couples in media with an older male but when a woman is older people suddenly wanna scream “innaproappriate” even when the younger man is of age. Just say it’s your ageism towards women. Also we don’t even know what the relationship will be

  6. I want it to have a romance cause I am a huge fan of older woman/younger man dramas especially if her husband will be uncaring for her I don’t know, so wanting them to heal each other????

  7. Confirmed to release on Disney+ as a Star Original series in Asian markets (and other markets outside Asia. Also possible on Hulu as a Hulu Original series as the 2 previous licensed dramas)

  8. I’m a big fan of Kim Nam- joo
    ( Queen of Reversals , Misty) very good amazing actress, and a big fan of Che Eun woo, Im not sure what is their relationship in this drama but i definitely looking forward for this drama and curious whatever and how CEW will pull off of his new character here, since i knew KNJ is really good in any characters she have based in her older dramas. Im glad CEW accepted this role which new than mostly characters he portrayed like a charming student or a rich boy character, I’m looking forward for whatever his new challenging charater he have in this drama.

  9. I think if there will be a romance, it will be a slight not the main focus cause logically a mourned mother doesn’t have enough time to start a new relationship and she is already married??????

    and she is so far to think about it regarding her big ordeal the culprit is acquitted and she wants to take revenge so I exclude the possibility of romance, the male lead can be like a son to her if he will remind her about her deceased son don’t know and they can be like a healing friends???

    I don’t mind a romance though a large age gap cause I am a big fan of noona romance??????

    but the story plot is not suitable to be a noona drama, it is more thrilling unless her husband is betraying her (cause I heard he was uncaring for her don’t know), then could have a romance between main leads just a speculation??????

  10. will they create a romantic angle or what? The poster looks sus. The age gap is only suitable for erotic plot

  11. I already want to meet Eun Soo Hyun
    I wish this kdrama to be very successful and to see Kim Nam Joo win many awards ?❤️

  12. I know it’s not about me or my personal likings but I can have my opinion on it as a viewer.

    Romance might there because the first poster gives that vibe.

    Couples like this exist and he is not a teen but dating someone who is 20+ years older than you are will always make people question the relationship. It may be portrayed as healthy, loving, and good for both partners OR it might just give mommy/daddy issues. I won’t judge before watching and my scepticism is relevant.. to me.

    Does my comment seem raging or emotional to you? I believe not, so there’s no need to tell me to “calm down”. I think you’re aware that it’s condescending.

  13. happy to see fans like you here, with logical mind and soft heart. thanks for replying

  14. it is great then the age gap in these movies is larger than wonderful world, good to write exemples making the watchers see that there is controversial larger age gap than here somewhere else??????

    the romance if it will happen it is not the focus or could be slightly and let them be supportive friends/platonic friends I think it is better for everybody hesitating to watch fearing from a blooming romance regarding their critical age difference for a great number of watchers???

    for me I don’t have any problem what it will be friends to lovers or only healing mates, just make it starting airing????

  15. so good this viewpoint of yours and how you are comparing the facts here, good job!!!!!!??? how about you make it here a recommendation for this drama it will be great help???

  16. my pleasure to meet you??? and you make me glad that you like my comment with your amazing words?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ happy too to see more supporters for older woman/younger man drama???

  17. Goblin is not ajhussi or harabeoji romance, it’s ancestor romance ? The story is great and I loved The Glory from the same writer. Why couldn’t they make the FL more mature like Tale of the Nine Tailed!

    Your “30 years or more” made me remember that I don’t mind Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s relationship ? I think I’m being judgmental here because I connected with my own parent and I would never date someone so much older or younger.

    Unrelated but why do you use the pistol emoji so much?

  18. There will definitely be a romantic relationship between the two leading characters. The very first articles released march 2023 said it is about a woman who loses her young son due to injustice and falls in love with a mysterious 20 something medical student who wants to protect her even at the cost of his life. They together embark a journey of revenge, love and redemption and the drama is a mysterious love affair melodrama. But after a year nobody remembers the first articles (but i do). The production team hides the romance, so the whole story wont be spoiled. In the other hand the writer is the writer of Why Her. There are some important similar themes in these two dramas. A grieving mother who has lost her child (kim namjoo and seo hyun jin). A much younger man (cha eun woo and hwang inyoup). A successful leading woman. Revenge and mysterious story. A former fiance or husband (kim kangwoo and ji seunghyun). A friend who is like a real sister to the leading lady (lim semi and cha chunghwa). I was a huge fan of Why Her and really waiting for this drama and their kiss scene (: If you cant stand this kind of relationship you can simply skip it and watch same age or ajussi romance dramas (about 100 dramas a year). (:

  19. yeah I don’t see that they will have any kind of romance – it will be more like a son/mother relationship.

  20. I just mind 15+ year age gaps, for all genders. Even dropped Goblin because I couldn’t get past it. Personally, even 10-year age gaps are only okay after 25.

    This can’t be considered a noona romance, it would be an ajumma romance.

  21. goblin I tried to watch it because the story sounds interesting but I barely watched few episodes as really the male lead is like her father age even he was looking older than his real age and when standing together they are weird??????

    if wonderful world is considered an “ajhumma romance” for you, goblin should be called an “ajhussi romance” even “garabuji/grandpa” romance?????? not even “oppa romance” as it should be called basically?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    but I like it strangely the large age gap noona or ajhumma romance as you called it?????? but I mind surely 30 years no more than that age difference???

    actually the large age gap is critical here I don’t deny it but if the acting will be realistic and great we could not emphasize on the age difference as they are mature adults???

    I watched a great number of noona romance but sometimes there is couples who are nearly 15 years difference and I couldn’t stand them together cause the chemistry is abscent and not convincing me in their acting but others were doing well???

    if goblin was the opposit gender age gap I could continue to the end cause the story is not bad at all???

  22. I cannot stand people here who have problem when th FL is older than ML but if it change they are ok with that! why always all rights are for men? COME ON please! both leads are perfect and director knows th more than anyone when he choose roles with this people. if you dont like it its ok so just leave and dont bother others who dont have problem and wait for this series with passion.

  23. let’s say the age gap is only 10 years and less would you look at them in the same manner or you just mind them being as mother and son large age gap?

    it could be a slight romance if it will exist basically and there is no explanation to not mention the tag of romance if there will be cause their relationship as you said in the comment below that he will remind her of her deceased son or just healing and supportive friends

    I personally don’t mind the large age gap older woman/younger man cause there is a lot of stars from all the nations who are 10 years and more age difference, in real world there is a great cases of like this relationship of a man in his late 20’s or 30’s and a female in her 50’s

    so the issue of big age gap is not only here but this drama I think is bringing the largest age difference in korean noona drama I don’t know if there is others but I respect your opinion, yes the great age gap issue is so controversial here but if it was the opposit the man is the older and the female is younger I would criticize in the same way as you father/daughter instead of mother/son??? cause I hate like these couples of older man/younger woman even for 1 year age difference???

  24. People here saying they won’t watch it because of the age gap (even though there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding their relationship in the drama) has no problem with the actors’s real and their characters’ age gap in dramas like goblin. Why is the age gap controversial only when the FL is older than the ML but not when it’s the other way around?

  25. yes you are right goblin is an ancestor romance rather than ajhussi but I considered it like that cause the female leas is always calling the male lead ajhussi??? I forgot the fact that he is hundred or thousands years aged???

    I like the age gap of the glory though there is not clear romance but the leads are greatly paired together???

    the pistol is really nothing special for me, somebody before you asked me the same thinb few weeks ago, it is just a meaningless habit for me with no reasons to use it??? and this person who asked me even google it for what does it mean this weird gun???

  26. in goblin the male lead looked so older than his real age like her grandpa rather than ajhussi???

    I am the one who is judging the large age gap between older man/younger woman but if it is the opposit like here though 26 years difference I don’t have any problem and that is to break the traditional rules that only the male has the right to have a younger female partner???

    and I wish to see more asian drama works about older woman/younger man paired together with great age gap even not in romance genre to get out from this futsy mentality of only accepting the male being older in all dramas by number of watchers???

  27. Lol yeah he’s almost a 1000 years old.

    I’m not sure about the character ages but ML is her sunbae in The Glory. I really loved the show! Recently loving Knight Flower too, another one with age gap.

    That’s a unique habit ??

  28. to be fair, Goblin was slightly controversial for that, but I agree, they don’t have to watch, if they are so bothered with younger man and with older woman

  29. oh woww I am so happy that you are using my special emojie and that you like it??? I don’t have any problem use it whenever you want?????

    thanks for the recommendation of knight flower, the age gap is great as I like even if there is no romance??? it is nearly to be fully aired, I don’t have to wait 2 episodes per week??

    nice to meet you here pal?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  30. Here for the age gap?? But seriously, how can there be an issue with the age gap when there’s no romance? They’re not a couple.

  31. Some people “advice” those who do not like noona romances (even less when the age gap is SO big) to not watch the drama if they dislike it so. Why don’t these people take their own “advice” and do not read comments that hint a dislike for noona romances?? Pass over and continue reading other comments!! Everybody can like or dislike, and write or not write comments whatsoever!! ◔̯◔

  32. Why posting not liking noona romances is negative????? Why one’s not free to express an opinion???? So one is only free to post a comment about liking a drama, an episode, an actor????

  33. Large age gaps between consenting adults can still be problematic or immoral. The older partner has more life experience, financial stability, and emotional maturity. They might use their age and experience to manipulate or abuse the younger partner. Consent is one part of the equation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is healthy or positive

    I’m not being hypocritical or picking favorites. I wouldn’t watch “older man, younger woman” or “older woman, younger man” dramas

    I respect the negative opinions on age gaps. I know some people who have experienced abuse in these types of relationships. Their experiences are valid, and their opinions deserve to be heard

  34. well, it’s odd to spread negativity even before it starts to air, the romance likely won’t even be there, and the age gap… he’s not underage, couples like this exist and if someone is triggered, that’s fine, but it’s nothing terrible

  35. There are people who are worried if there will be romance between the male lead and the female lead, I am worried if he can be a good co-star for Kim Nam Joo, she has won so many awards for her acting including Daesang, I hope this kdrama will be very good and successful

  36. its almost as if the genre is not romance….
    god forbid there exist characters of different age in a drama

  37. Just because you don’t like age gaps doesn’t mean we don’t have too. And it’s ONLY a drama. They happen to pair these two actors. I don’t know why people take it so seriously ???? It’s not even a rom-com. Can’t you read the tags or watch the trailer first ?

  38. this is a netflix original movie almost confirmed they just have to release an article now

    jan 25-feb some date in korea shoot
    March Europe I guess

  39. I guess most people won’t notice the difference. And well, Brussels ain’t an easy place to shoot. Or a cheap place to stay either.

  40. yeah it’s odd, since it takes place in brussels. maybe they weren’t able to get filming permissions for the specific time period they’re shooting in, so they had to look for a city with a similar look/architecture (though i’m not sure how similar both places are haha). could also be that they’ll still film in belgium later on.

  41. This article said there is not a romance bewteen FL and ML but they share some simultarities.
    I predict It’s sort of revenge of ML against FL because she killed his father or even he didn’t like his father and it’s mix feelings.
    So no romance here.

  42. This article said there is not a romance bewteen FL and ML but they share some simultarities.
    I predict It’s sort of revenge of ML against FL because she killed his father or even he didn’t like his father and it’s mix feelings.
    So no romance here.

  43. who said there wasn’t going to romance? and you should put this as a spoiler if it’s true

  44. Why are the tags “married FL” and “married ML”? So are they both married to others and just have platonic relationship?

  45. I believe “married ML” likely refers to Kang Soo Ho’s character since he’s also playing a lead role

  46. Just watched the first 2 episodes and i am intrigued. there will of course be familiar tropes but as usual I can count on Kdramas to subvert expectations and be creative in executing the plot.

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