Wedding Impossible (2024)


Other name: 웨딩 임파서블 / 웨딩임파서블 / Wedingimpaseobeul / Weding Impaseobeul / Свадьба невозможна / الزفاف المستحيل

Synopsis: Na Ah Jeong, a talented but unrecognized extra actress, is approached by her longtime friend Lee Do Han for an unusual request. As the son of a wealthy family, Do Han is expected to marry, but he has a secret that prevents him from doing so. He asks Ah Jeong to act as his wife and daughter-in-law to appease his family. Ah Jeong agrees and prepares to take on her first leading role in real life. However, their plans are disrupted by Do Han’s younger brother, Lee Ji Han, who has ambitions to make Do Han the successor of their family’s company. Ji Han brings in a potential bride, Yoon Chae Won, to prevent his brother’s wedding. Can Ah Jeong and Do Han’s fake marriage survive the unexpected challenges thrown at them? Based on the webtoon “Wedding Impossible” by Song Jung Won and Lee Chung, this drama follows the journey of two friends as they navigate the complicated world of love, family and


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  1. I’m so agree with Witch’s Romance, their chemistry and emotional relationship really make them lovable, well at least for me.

  2. yes so many people are against this to be a noona drama for the large age gap and there is too the rational life a chinese drama with 20 years difference😂🔫🤣

    honestly I wish if there is a tag of romance but I don’t think it will be the focus here though slight romance is not bad, either they will be just healing friends I am okay too cause I like the older woman/younger man coupled actors whatever friends to lovers or just colleagues/friends I don’t mind😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

  3. If the male lead of this drama was Ji Chang Wook, I would be praying that there would be noona romance in this drama. I shipped Kim Je Ha with Choi Yoo Jin so much and that umbrella scene is one of the best I’ve seen.

  4. I just finished reading the webtoon and I loved it!! I hope they don’t change it or if they do I hope they don’t change as much!

  5. OK WAIT, PAUSE, HALT! that 2nd girl …what are you doing here??? I promise if y’all Change The ORIGINAL plot and make her a love interest for ML brother then I’m Gonna Lose it💀💀

  6. I simply prefer not to watch gay romance as it’s not to my liking. I don’t see how that’s selfish; I’m not preventing others from enjoying it, I’m just expressing my personal preference. While I’ve been eager to see the lead actress in a romance drama, unfortunately, the content of this particular drama isn’t for me. So, I’ll pass on it if it includes gay content. I hope you understand that as a straight male, I just don’t have an interest in watching stories centered around male-male romance.

  7. Yeah I hope they keep the teasing from him to be light. He has character development in the webtoon but he treated her pretty bad at the beginning.

  8. I hope there aren’t any actual gay scenes (praying) I’ve wanted to see Jong Seo in a romance drama for a long time, but it doesn’t look like I’ll get the chance

  9. male lead is very straight and he’ll fall in love with the female lead too… but male lead’s brother who is supposed to have contract marriage with the female lead is gay

  10. The synopsis is not very original but this can trigger some very fun situations. I did not have this in my radar but the trailer has made me very curious.

  11. I thought it only mentioned his ex boyfriend cuz I don’t remember him really having a love line with anyone. But maybe I was just focused on the main couple.

  12. All I’m hoping is to get a lil gay romance 🥲 I think some kdramas should step up and actually make more gay or lesbian couples (in my opinion) A gay second lead couple would be EVERYTHING IN THIS but I’m still excited for it!

  13. Also you sound a bit condescending with the ‘sigh’. 🫤 It’s just a question because the description isn’t clear to me.

  14. Gay Male Lead? ah so that’s his secret to why he doesn’t want to marry. Okay I’m down.

    is it the ML or 2Ml that is gay ? says gay male lead

  15. I’m waiting to see it because it’s a new and different story, and the hero is gay and is trying to hide it from everyone through marriage.

  16. I’ve finished “Marry my husband” and I think this series will take up airtime, so I’m moving here:) Is this based on a webtoon?

  17. I tried reading the webtoon and couldn’t get past first 20 episode because the ml was hella annoying. This is why for the first time I’m hoping that they make some changes even if little bit so that it retains the humour but the characters don’t come out as annoying/immature.

    I’ve high expectation because of the talented cast and intriguing trailer.

  18. I didn’t see both of them because For MMH not a fan of the cast and for FC well the plot wasn’t what I needed at the moment. What recommendations do you need? old ones and what genres are you prioritizing

  19. First of all thank you so much for such a long list, you are a gem. I’ve watched more than half of those dramas, some I’ve seen but dropped unfortunately. I looked up Mr fox the C- drama that one seems unique and the most promising. I love C-dramas but I’m very picky with them cause they are indeed long and you have to be invested to understand the premise. My favorites are Starry love, Fall in love, Till the end of the moon, Ashes of love, My love Hermitage, Back from the brink ( maybe I mistaken a couple sorry about that). I love when the FL has a strong personality and doesn’t look like a baby or has a baby voice ( it’s just my preference, really stuck on it) I also love when the ML is more stern and has a more fuller look. A lot of the dramas you recommended are quite good, you have great taste 😊

  20. I love, love romance. But I am truly picky when it comes the female and male leads. I watch dramas from every country it doesn’t matter if it’s Japanese, Chinese, Thai etc. But the thing is I watched so many thaw now I feel broke. I’ve tried to look for Chinese dramas but the female lead’s are very baby like which is not my forte.

  21. because if they do I will be disappointed because that seems like a core point in the drama plot and would make it more fun for most

  22. Guys…I don’t know But I really do feel and fear that The blondie gay character was removed 😭😭 Like I didn’t see hints like this in trailers or so ..

  23. I hope the plot doesn`t make them end up in love together, if she went with the little brother that`s fine. Just making him change his sexual orientation just cuz they faked marriage is just cringe.

  24. because if they do I will be disappointed because that seems like a core point in the drama plot and would make it more fun for most

  25. This is very strongly reminiscent of the plot of the Billy Wilder film, Sabrina.

    In that film brother X pursues the chauffeur’s daughter but brother Y tries to intervene as it will mess up a planned corporate merger.

    And, of course, in trying to get her out of the picture, he falls in love with her himself.

    They’ve just swapped ‘playboy’ for ‘gay’.

  26. Romcom with new faces. Now this is what I’m defo gonna enjoy. We need more Kdramas and romcoms with newer faces. So tiring to watch the same group of actors.

  27. actress, hired for an irl role, being the main lead…….reminds me of a happy version of Little Drummer Girl

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