Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022)


Other name: 슈룹 Syurub Shuroop

Synopsis: About the conflict within the palace to make the troublemaker princes, who cause nothing but headaches for the royal family, into proper crown princes. Im Hwa Ryeong is the mother of the troublemaker princes and the wife of a great king. Instead of having an aura of elegance and grace, Im Hwa Ryeong is a prickly, sensitive, and hot-tempered queen. Although she used to have a calm temper, she changed after people kept pushing her buttons. She is a queen who sometimes lets go of her pride and even swears. Every day of her life is full of trials, but she withstands it all for the sake of her children.

Original Network: tvN;

Director: Kim Hyeong Shik [김형식]

Also known as: 슈룹 Syurub Shuroop


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 31, 2021

Genres: , ,


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  1. can anyone tell me why its not available for me? i have been waiting for so long till today not a single ep is available

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